You Can Knit…The Ultimate Beginner Knitting Guide!

Have you ever started a knitting project only to find that you get stuck at the first hurdle and automatically want to admit defeat? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. You Can Knit is a new book by Stephanie White, craft editor and knitting aficionado. Covering all the basics and more, You Can Knit provides the ultimate step-by step guide to 12 fun and easy beginner knitting projects. Plus a bonus free project to download below. Let’s get knitting!

You Can Knit - Beginner Knitting

With a goal to helping beginner knitters conquer the basics and more, You Can Knit is THE go to knitting Bible for beginners. Broken down into four manageable chapters, the book takes crafters through the various stitch patterns, complete with step by step guides, photographs, fun projects and of course, a common mistakes section! Within each chapter are three coordinating projects, all using the same needle size, type of yarn and stitch pattern so that beginner knitters don’t have to invest in a wide range of needles and yarns unless they really want to.

You Can Knit - Beginners guide You Can Knit - Beginners guide You Can Knit - Beginners guide  

From the Garter stitch to the Stockinette Stitch, the Seed Stitch and ribbing; beginner knitters will be able to successfully conquer a series of classic and modern knitting projects to be proud of!  Whilst working through each chapter, knitting enthusiasts will also be able to quickly familiarise themselves with the basic stitches that will enable them to knit a series of coordinating accessories including a fringed scarf, a bobble hat, a headband, Stockinette Mitts and even a set of boot cuffs! Every chapter provides a list of exactly what you need, so there’s no guesswork. Plus, with a photo reference guide designed to help you troubleshoot common mistakes, you’ll stay on the right path!

You Can Knit - Beginner Knitting You Can Knit - Beginner Knitting You Can Knit - Beginner Knitting

Throughout each bite size project, novice crafters can create an attractive and appealing knitted garment, to be proud of. They also make the perfect Christmas or birthday present for those special friends and family members, so get your knitting needles ready – You Can Knit!


Bonus: Free Beginner Knitting Pattern

free knitted headband pattern | beginner knitting project

We are lucky enough to have gained access to a free Faux Cabled Headband pattern (pictured above), the perfect beginner knitting project, which you can download here!


Pre-order You Can Knit now and receive the eBook instantly for FREE! Or for more great beginner knitting products why not take a look at our hand picked selection of knitting books and eBooks.

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