Woven Art Trend Alert

While those ‘in the know’ saw a surge in the woven art trend in the Autumn of last year, it has now trickled down to us mere mortals and we can’t get enough!

Woven art has come back as a result of a 70’s revival that has come flying into our lives. Consequently, fibre folk have taken their yarn and turned it into stunning homemade works of art that have a hippy free-love feel to it. It is everywhere and most noteworthy is that it isn’t out of reach for a complete beginner to create either.

Let’s take a look at some of the areas this trend is huge in right now.


Woven Art Fashion

Fashion takes notes from history to create their trends, therefore it’s no surprise that the 70’s is back in fashion. Probably because of the likes of Balmain (Left), Gucci (Middle) and Veronique Leroy (Right) take inspiration from the 70’s in their A/W15 & S/S16 collections; macrame as filtered down to the rest of the world as a must have item.




It’s not just chic inner city loft spaces that the woven art trend is alive. You can now add simple bits of woven art to your home to add a focal point to a room. Whether you choose to create a massive backdrop for your bed, a wall hanging, like this weaving by Natalie Miller  above or create a smaller hanging, there is room for this craze in every household.

Craft world



You don’t have to search far into Etsy to find a whole host of weaving designers selling their custom-made modern woven art. You can have all kinds of design, from vintage, traditional, chunky yarn, rope, ribbon, you name it, the chances are someone is weaving with it! The images above from left to right are: BohoBently, The HollieShop and ByBellaDesigns

diy-woven-artYou can now get some great tips and tricks on this trend. DIY Woven Art the ideal book for lovers of this craft. In it are some top tips from customising your designs to choosing the right fibres and embellishments.

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