Why we have a crush on Cabbage Rose by Tilda

Cabbage RoseOnce again Tone has cast her design magic and created not one but two phenomenal limited edition autumn ranges; Cabbage Rose and Memory Lane. We want to tell you all about Cabbage Rose and why we are LOVING it.

Cabbage Rose is full of ginger and teal tones with raspberry highlights. The range is inspired by colourful characters from the 1950’s like Lucille Ball and Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Longstocking. Whilst still being in the typical Tilda style, this range has a different feel to it.

I really love the ginger colours in this fabric range; I think it is a strong colour that really pops out when used in projects such as quilts. Because of the repetitive patterns in the collection, it is great for patchwork in large scale projects such as quilts and also in smaller scale projects such as pin cushions, so it really is an all rounder.


FQ Tilda CREach collection that Tilda release keeps getting better and better and there is something extra exciting about this collection too because it includes new pre-sewn dolls called Tilda’s Friends. For Cabbage Rose there is an adorable rabbit that you can sew clothes for with the patterns also available. Owners can enjoy the Tilda dolls without having to sew them yourselves, which can be intimidating if you aren’t an experienced sewer. I love these little guys and they would make a great gift for someone.

In classic Tilda style, the fabric is full of floral patterns. It includes smaller floral patterns like the Tess Ginger moving to the larger floral pattern like the Flowercloud fabric. In the vintage style floral mix, there are also rabbits running amongst the Roses to add a modern edge.

Cabbage rose quilt pattern

There’s an appliqué quilt pattern for the Cabbage Rose fabric and it is simply stunning. It doesn’t look like the classic Tilda quilt but it has such a charm about it. The splashes of pattern in the detail stands out so well against the block colours that feature in the rest of the design. What do you think? Isn’t it gorgeous?

Not only does the range have the fabric that we all know and love, it has all the extra Tilda accessories that we adore. The accessories are decorated in the Cabbage Rose style such as clothes pegs, ribbons, adhesive tape and fabric sheets, fabric buttons and quilt labels.

The range also includes a super cute patchwork squirrel and rabbit, so those of you who want to create your own Tilda toy still can. These toys look amazing with a mixture of block off white fabric mixed with blocks of Cabbage Rose fabric.

As if that wasn’t enough Tildaness, we also have the ever so popular Easy Peasy Quilt Kit back. You guys loved it with the spring fabrics, so we have recreated it with the Autumn ranges. You can see it in the backdrop of the video below.



Cabbage Rose is such a cool range; the colours pop and create inspiration for projects that mimic the style of the booming 1950’s. Remember, Cabbage Rose fabric is limited edition! So get it whilst you can.

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