Which Workstand is Right For You?

It can be tricky finding the perfect needlecraft workstand, especially if you’re a beginner. But we have been testing out three of our bestsellers to find out which workstand is right for you…

Lowery Workstand

Made in the UK, the Lowery is our bestselling workstand receiving 5 star reviews from our customers. This workstand enables you to slip your frame in and out with complete ease and is available in a powder coated grey, with matching accessories…

Features include:

  • Fully adjustable, strong and sturdy workstand
  • A lightweight aluminium A4 base, which can be slipped under a sofa or bed to add extra stability
  • Two adjustable arms so you can increase the length and height
  • 360 degree rotating movement so you can view the back of your work
  • A swinging arm allowing you to get in and out of your chair without moving the entire workstand
  • A side clamping head, designed to hold both round and rectangular frames

If you regularly stitch in an arm chair or in bed, then the Lowery is perfect for you as it slides easily under most objects, adding stability to the base. It also provides a highly contemporary look – perfect for any modern home.

Posilock Workstand

Coming in at just £28.95 it’s not hard to see why the Posilock has been such a popular workstand, also receiving 5 star reviews from all of our customers. Perfect for embroidery hoops, quilting hoops and hand held rotating frames, it is made in polished Beech hardwood and is a traditional looking stand that will stand the test of time.

Features include:

  • Fully adjustable in height up to 30 inches
  • An adjustable head so that you can view the back of your work without unclamping
  • Accessories are available to maximize the Posilock and these include, a clamp useful for holding a lamp, magnifier or chart as well as a ‘Helping Hand’
  • This frame also has some handy little magnets to keep scissors, needles and other accessories at a handy distance as you stitch

If you prefer stitching larger pieces of work with a bigger rotating frame then the Posilock is perfect – its traditional wooden finish also compliments any space. Just remember that it does require a little more tightening to ensure it remains stable during your stitching, therefore purchasing a Twizzler is highly recommended.

StitchSmart Floorstand

The quickest and simplest to put together, the Stitchsmart comes in just two parts making it practical and compact for even the smallest of spaces and provides a very comfortable work environment for frequent stitchers. Combined with the StitchSmart Accessory Pack, the StitchSmart provides all of the functions you could need for stitching.

Features include:

  • Incredibly lightweight, sturdy and easy to move
  • Fully adjustable in height up to 37.5 inches
  • Comes with a 360 degree turning action so you can access the back of your work
  • Accessories include an adjustable LED Light, which illuminates the work area and also doubles up as a magnifier and strong spring mounted chart holder

Incredibly lightweight, the Stitchsmart is by far the easiest to put together and is a great option if you like to tidy your workstand away on a regular basis.

We hope this has helped you in the hunt for the perfect workstand! You can view the full range in our online shop and don’t forget to stock up on your needlecraft essentials too. Happy stitching!

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11 thoughts on “Which Workstand is Right For You?

  1. Thanks for the videos! I tend to use a large frame (30″ width) – what stand would you recommend for larger frames like that? I was thinking of getting a new stand but don’t want to get something that can’t handle the larger frames.

      1. I’m after ordering one of those 30″ easy-clip floor frames! It seems to be out of stock at the moment though, do you know when it’ll be back in stock?


        1. Hi Anita, I have checked with the warehouse and it seems we are not holding stock of these items but we are bringing them in to order. So if you place an order, we will get the item for you. This may add a couple of days to the shipping time but it should not take too long to reach you. Hope this helps! Ame

  2. Hello, I have been reviewing the Lowery stand for my 20″ stitching frame, all your videos have been very straightforward and informative. I should like to buy a lamp with magnifier to fit on the Lowery Stand. Is there a particular one you would recommend. Many thanks.
    Susan, Lancashire

  3. I am really interested in the Stichsmart stand and the Posilock stand and would like to know if there is anywhere in New Zealand that would sell them. Alternatively where in the UK can I send my husband to buy one?