Quiz! | Which Sewing Machine Is Right For You?

Struggling to decide which sewing machine you want? If choosing between the models is proving to be a chore, take our fun quiz to find out which sewing machine is right for you…

Simply choose the statement that most suits you in response to each of the questions below and add up how many As, Bs, Cs and Ds you have in total. Then scroll down to discover your result!

1. How often do you use a sewing machine?
A) I’ve never used a sewing machine before
B) At least a few times a year
C) Whenever I want a new outfit
D) Every week – I couldn’t live without my sewing machine!

2. What do/would you mainly use a sewing machine for?
A) Small and simple projects
B) Anything and everything!
C) Sewing seams and hems
D) Piecing and quilting

3. What’s the most important feature of a sewing machine?
A) It has to be easy to use
B) I like to have a range of stitches
C) It needs to be durable
D) A free arm is a must-have for me

4. Which types of fabric do you use most often?
A) Anything I can find – mostly lightweight fabrics
B) I love experimenting with different types of fabric!
C) I mainly work with dressmaking fabrics
D) I have a huge stash of quilting cottons

5. Which type of project are you most likely to make?
A) A cushion cover
B) A handbag or a cuddly toy
C) A dress
D) A quilt

6. How would you describe your sewing skill level?
A) I’m a complete beginner
B) I’ve made quite a few things but would like to improve
C) I’m an experienced dressmaker
D) I’ve been sewing for years and am confident with a machine

7. Do you embroider with a sewing machine?
A) I prefer hand embroidery
B) I’d like to try embroidery with a machine
C) I don’t like embroidery
D) Yes, I use my sewing machine for everything!

8. How often do you sew larger projects?
A) I’ve never attempted anything particularly big
B) I make projects in a range of different sizes
C) I regularly sew larger items
D) All the time – that’s all I make!

9. Do you enjoy sewing clothing?
A) I’ve never tried sewing clothes
B) I’d like to have a go at making clothes
C) I sew clothes all the time
D) I don’t really sew clothing

10. How important is the weight of a sewing machine?
A) I prefer something lightweight and portable
B) Nothing too heavy, but I rarely move it
C) The size of the machine is more important than weight
D) The weight doesn’t matter

That’s all of the questions! Now it’s time to find your perfect sewing machine:

Janome 525SIf you answered mostly As, you’re probably fairly inexperienced with sewing machines so it’s best to opt for something basic. The Janome 525S is an incredibly straightforward model to use, but it has all of the features that you’ll want to get used to in order to progress with your sewing. This inexpensive sewing machine has a top-loading jam-proof bobbin system and a convertible free-arm for circular sewing. It features 24 stitches plus an automatic one step buttonhole and a built-in needle threader.

Janome CXL301If you answered mostly Bs, you’re certainly not new to sewing and you’re probably ready for a step up in the world of sewing machines. You’re likely to want a machine that can handle all sorts of different projects. The Janome CXL301 is a great introduction to computerised sewing with its handy LCD display and selection of pre-programmed stitches, including decorative stitches for creative work. Computerisation provides extra needle penetration power so it’s suitable for all weights for fabric.

Janome 6234XLIf you answered mostly Cs, you’re probably a fairly confident dressmaker and enjoy sewing your own clothes. If you sew garments on a regular basis, it’s well worth investing in an overlocker (serger), and the Janome 6234XL has a wide range of features. This machine has a colour coded system for easy threading and a built-in rolled hem feature for a professional finish. The cutting width is adjustable from 2.0 to 5.7 mm and the knife can be dropped for decorative overlocking.

Janome 8200QCIf you answered mostly Ds, you’re likely to be making a few quilts with your machine, so you’ll want something reliable with great additional features. For quilters, the Janome 8200QC is an excellent choice as it has a longer arm than most sewing machines and is therefore better suited to larger projects. The 9mm stitch width gives added creative options whilst the host of special computerised features makes it so easy to use.

We hope you enjoyed taking our sewing machine quiz! If you’d like some more advice on choosing the right sewing machine, download our FREE sewing machine buyer’s guide. And then check out our full range of Janome sewing machines as well as our kits and accessories.

So… which sewing machine was right for you? Please leave your comments below or share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter. And if your friends love sewing, why not share this quiz with them too?

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