What is Thread Heaven and how do you use it?

Crafts such as hand embroidery and cross stitch are passed down through generations. Often, so are the threads that are used. However, using old thread comes with some problems such as fraying and snapping. This is where Thread Heaven comes in.

We all know that feeling; when you get given old, unused, threads from your Nan or Mum. Or, like me, when you go into a charity shop or vintage flea market and you find a basket of old thread you just have to have. You immediately start planning the projects you can make with your new found treasures. But with a lot of older things, they succumb to wear and tear. I shudder at the thought of getting part way through an embroidery project and getting more and more frustrated as this precious thread you have been gifted or found, repeatedly snaps or frays.

Now, as many of you hand embroidery aficionados will know, that the best way to treat this thread is with Thread Heaven.

threadsThread Heaven is a synthetic thread conditioner. It creates a slick coating that works like a ball bearings to reduce friction. It works especially well with metallics, silks, and rayon threads. So, what is so great about Thread Heaven and how does it differ from other thread conditioners such as bees-wax?

  • Prevents fraying.
  • Strengthens the thread.
  • Won’t stick to beads or needle.
  • Does not react with thread or fabric.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Acid-free.
  • Coated thread glides through your work with remarkable ease.

Thread HeavenThread Heaven Thread Conditioner and Protectant, is ideal for using when sewing and creating needlecraft projects – as it stops your threads from fraying and tangling. This one product is perfect for many crafts such as hand-sewing, needlework, quilting, beading, bookbinding and more. If you use thread, then basically you should use Thread Heaven!

The Thread Heaven website has some great facts about the product. For example: Unlike wax, Thread Heaven will not freeze or melt. It’s a synthetic chemical compound that will not freeze or melt like waxes do. Thread Heaven can be left in the sun and needlework made with Thread Heaven treated thread can be dried in a dryer and ironed without fear that the coating will melt and bleed onto the fabric. At temperatures above 600 degrees, Thread Heaven simply evaporates.

Head over to their website for some more reasons why Thread Heaven is the best!

How do you use this wonder-product I hear you asking. Well, we will tell you! The experts at Thread Heaven have given these top tips.



We suggest using Thread Heaven right from the box, however, it can be easily removed from its container.

  1. Don’t cut dotted line on the right side of the label; it will act as a hinge. (see photo 1&2)
  2. Using your thumb or forefinger, press one end of a length of thread into the conditioner and pull it across. Use enough pressure to embed the thread as you pull it through so that it is coated on all surfaces. (see Photo 3)
  3. Now pull the thread between your thumb and forefinger, slowly and firmly, to stretch the thread and remove kinks. Notice how slick and smooth your thread feels! (see Photo 4)
  4. Closing fingers together, Pull the thread between your finger and thumb a second time, only this time pull it through quickly with light pressure. This will cause the creation of a small static charge which forces the thread tails apart, drastically reducing the main cause of thread knots! (see Photo 4)

Other helpful… How to’s

If your thread is extremely kinky, wrap it around a pencil, place your thumb on top of the thread and pull. The ridges on the pencil will increase the pressure and aid in straightening the worst wrinkles.

Over time the surface of your Thread Heaven may become embedded with tiny fibres. If this happens simply use the tip of your scissors to push it away from the side of the box. Lift it out, turn it over and ta-dah! It’s like new again.

Top tip for using Thread Heaven and wax together

Occasionally beading, macrame, fly-tying and other crafts require a ‘sticky’ thread, but you can still protect your thread ensuring longer thread life if you coat your thread with Thread Heaven first and then apply a wax coating. While the same is true if you are using a pre-waxed thread; a coating of Thread Heaven will give your pre-waxed thread additional protection from UV, mould and mildew.

So there you have it! Tell us your top tips for using Thread heaven in the comment below. We would love to know the different ways you use it and how it has saved some of your much-loved thread.



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