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Welcome To The World is the new fabric range from Lewis and Irene. The range is perfect for making a wide range of baby and child projects. The black outlines used are easier for babies to see and all the animals featured have their babies with them.Chester_Zoo_Act_for_Wildlife_thumb

The Welcome To The World range is extra special because not only does it mean you get gorgeous fabric, but for every sale, Lewis and Irene will donate money to Colchester Zoo’s Act Now For Wildlife. They are desperately raising money so scientists can create a vaccine and cure for elephants against EEHV, a disease which is fatal to young elephants.

Animals Parents BlueMarching Elephants Family PinkWelcome to The World White and Grey

Naturally, the range features a lot of elephants and their calves. All the animals are shown with their babies which are incredibly sweet and I think conveys the message of the cause well. They range comes in a blue, pink and grey with a hint of mint green so you could go for the ‘gender colours’ or you could go neutral.

So what can you make with this fabric?

Makower has released the cutest baby quilt pattern. None of the quilts, I don’t think, are particularly ‘girly’ or ‘boyish’ which is lovely too. It is incredibly sweet and would be ideal for your babies first cot blanket.  Welcome-to-the-World-Quilt-Design-1 (1)

Our Pretty Elephant pattern is incredibly popular on the blog and on Pinterest. Given that Welcome To The World is helping elephants it seems appropriate to share this free pattern with you again so you can make one or two with this fabric. You could use the Little Stars for the body and the Marching Elephants, Parachuting Babies or the Animals Parents for the ears.

Have you seen this sweet bunny lovey on Pinterest from Project Nursery? Any of the fabrics in the range would suit this project. In fact, I would recommend making a couple of them in various fabrics, so when gets mess on it, you will have another one to hand.

Pretty ElephantDIY Bunny Lovey

Threaded with LoveAnother project I have seen which I think would suit this fabric is a Lewis and Irene pattern that they created for Threaded With Love. It is described as a sewing or knitting bag, but I think it would make a super stylish nappy bag. It has lots of pockets for wipes and bottles and has loads of space inside for nappies and all your other baby essentials.

One of the bolder prints for the main bag with one of the smaller prints for the pockets would suit this pattern. Or the other way around so you have statement pockets. The possibilities are endless!

There are some really stunning projects to make for babies and children out there, with Pinterest being a huge source of inspiration. Head over to our Baby Craft Pinterest board to get more ideas.

Here’s a little look at some of the other fabric in the range.

Lewis & Irene Welcome to The World Animals Parents Light Mint Fabric Lewis & Irene Welcome to The World Little Grey Stars Fabric parachutingbabyanimals Lewis & Irene Welcome to The World Parachuting Babies on Pink FabricLewis & Irene Welcome to The World Pink on Grey FabricLewis & Irene Welcome to The World Marching Elephant Family Blue Fabric

Whatever you choose to make with this fabric, it will feel good to know that in purchasing it, you will be helping in creating a vaccine against EEHV for elephants. You can buy Welcome to The World in store now.


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