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Vintage expert Lucy Morris, author of The Complete Vintage Wedding Guide and owner of Pretty Vintage, a bespoke service sourcing gorgeous vintage items for any setting or special occasion, gives her opinion on the finer details for your big day…

Male presents can be terribly tricky to buy at the best of times, but no more so than when choosing wedding favours for men. Until fairly recently the obligatory sugared almonds in a net bag probably failed to make your male wedding guests whoop with joy, and your little gift no doubt ended up remaining firmly in it’s place setting. But it would be nice to get it just right so that all your guests returned home post celebration with something delightful to cherish, use or even eat, including the men folk.

wedding favours for men

So wedding favours for men probably excludes a homemade lavender bag, but there are lots of other delights to choose from that have a slightly less feminine slant. My book, The Complete Vintage Wedding Guide, gives you a couple of fabulous and easy ideas. For example a DIY hot chocolate set including a jolly paper cup, a little bag of chocolate powder, some marshmallows and a slice of dark chocolate. Tuck everything inside the cup and you have the perfect present. A jar of homemade pickle or relish for each of your guests is a charming idea and is both personal and has universal appeal.Or perhaps a little pot plant or a packet of seeds in a personalised envelope which can double up as a place setting label too. A cigar or a little bottle of Port can look wonderful and could be tied with a luggage label again becoming your place setting.

How you present wedding favours for men is just as important as the favour itself. Brown paper, string, hand typed luggage labels all give an interesting feel and will be infinitely more appealing to your male guests than something wrapped in a gift box with a pink ribbon. Food is a great option as quite frankly nobody can resist something delicious to nibble. Homemade chocolates, cakes, biscuits or even a little paper bag of home grown fruit won’t fail to impress, costs much less and looks wonderful peeking out of a vintage teacup or laid on a pretty plate. Vintage crockery can be hired from Pretty Vintage to set off your favour to perfection. Whatever you choose as your weddings favours for men remember that simple is often more appealing and something you have made or customised yourself will be much more meaningful to all your guests, both male and female.”

3FINAL_TheCompVintageWeddingGuideCVRARTWORK_MOR13N.inddI hope Lucy’s advice inspires you to make your own wedding favours! It doesn’t have to be tricky or expensive, and handmade gifts are always received well. For more free projects and inspiration, don’t forget to check our blog regularly as we put up new exciting craft goodness all the time.

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