Wedding Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

A sparkly Wedding Cuff Bracelet made with beautiful white crystal beads makes the perfect bridesmaids’ gift.

by Dorothy Wood

You Will Need

  • White crystal bead pack including seed beads, bugles and pearls
  • Swarovski crystal rainbow beads
  • Beading thread and size 10 beading needle
  • Silver slider clasp with five holes

Wedding Cuff braceletProcedure:

1. Secure a 2.5m (2¾yd) length of beading thread to the bottom loop of one part of the slider clasp.
Pick up 3cm (11?8in) of seed beads and bugles in a random order and feed the tail through the beads too.

2. Pick up a Swarovski crystal bead then another 3cm (11?8in) of the white crystal beads, then a Swarovski crystal. Repeat three times to make a 16cm (6¼in) string, adding a small pearl on one section.

3. Sew twice through the bottom loop on the other part of the slider clasp. Add 3cm (11?8in) of beads (including a small pearl), a crystal and 3cm (11?8in) of beads. Pass the needle through the crystal on the strand below. Continue adding beads and passing the needle through every second crystal.

4. Add 3cm (11?8in) beads to reach the second loop. Sew twice through the loop, go back through the first seed bead. Work back along taking the needle through every second crystal on the row below, occasionally adding small and large pearls amongst the seed beads.

5. On reaching the last loop, sew round it twice going back through several beads. Sew a half hitch knot around the main thread between two beads. Go through a few more beads and repeat before trimming the tail. Secure knots with glue.

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