Vintage Teacup Greetings Card Project

Know someone that enjoys afternoon tea, vintage crockery and appreciates handmade papercraft? (Who doesn’t?!) Then whip them up this vintage teacup greetings card, designed by Prudence Rogers. This greetings card can be made for virtually any occasion — a birthday, an invitation, or just a Friday afternoon.

You Will Need:


1. Using the template, cut out the teacup design from thick white card with a craft knife. Fold the card in half down the centre.

2. Cut out a piece of floral patterned paper following the bowl section of the teacup template and glue onto the white folded card.

3. Cut out a piece of striped paper following the lower portion of the template and glue in place.

4. Use the edge punch to cut a scalloped strip 2cm (¾in) deep along the edge of the white paper. Ensure that your strip is long enough to cover the width of the cup.

5. Glue the white paper to the top of the card and trim the edges to fit. Draw decorative details on the top rim, base and handle with a gold pen.

6. If desired, repeat steps 2–5 to decorate the back of the card in the same way.

Teacup Invitation

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