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Vintage style has been on trend for some time now, and there are no signs of that changing. So grab your knitting needles and get ready to stitch some retro winter fashions over the next few months! If you’re looking for ideas, you’ll find 30 knitting patterns for vintage-inspired clothes in Vintage Knits For Him & Her

There are patterns in Vintage Knits For Him & Her, as the title would imply, for both men and women, and these are split into three main sections according the era they have been inspired by. From the chic ’50s to the geometry of the swinging ’60s and the ‘hippy style’ of the ’70s, you’ll find designs covering every key trend for each era. We’ve looked through the book and have picked out some of our favourite patterns from each decade to inspire you:

Fashionable ’50s

I love 1950s style – it’s so glamorous and feminine! If you’re a fan of Mad Men, you probably love this style too! To get a ’50s look, knit up a short-sleeved belted top or a simple cardigan – it’s all about cinching in at the waist and creating the classic hourglass figure. For men, a cable and rib jacket with a shawl collar absolutely epitomizes this era.

Vintage Knits For Him & Her

Stylish ’60s

Fashion in the 1960s was very geometric, with strong colour combinations and patterns featuring heavily on various garments. To get a ’60s look, you’ll need a knitted dress with a bold intarsia design, a chunky sweater or a smart coat with lots of large buttons down the front. For men, it has to be cardigan – whether it’s zipped or buttoned is up to you!

Vintage Knits For Him & Her

Psychadelic ’70s

The 1970s were bright and colourful, and ‘hippy styles’ like flares and ponchos were big! To get a ’70s look, try a hooded jumper, a cowl neck or polo neck, and don’t be scared to add stripes or patterns. For men, a fun fringed jacket or a long Fair Isle cardigan will create an unmistakeable ’70s look.

Vintage Knits For Him & Her

Vintage Knits For Him & HerOrder your copy of Vintage Knits For Him & Her to see the full range of vintage-inspired patterns for men and women. Do you love knitting? Have you made any vintage-inspired clothing? Comment below to tell us about your experiences and please share photos of your vintage knits with us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

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