Before And After: Vintage Bedroom Makeover

Wish you had a vintage bedroom? We wish we could be as lucky as Lesli was the day she found these beds. I now pledge to check out more car boot sales on the weekends, that is a definite!

Lesli was looking for a bed for her daughter when she drove past a neighborhood yard sale in America, only to find the price tag on one of these beauties was $25 (that’s about £18!). Only when she was getting help from the generous salesman did she learn that in fact that price was for TWO beds!


Vintage Beds

Lesli gave the beds a well earned scrub, replaced the old rusty nails and filled in some of the damage and  before painting the beds a beautiful off white.  She replaced the headboard fabric with some exciting bright and bold fabrics. What an amazing find. She made a drab bedroom full of style with this fantastic vintage bedroom makeover.

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