Valentines Day Cake Ideas | Whoopie Pies

Long-stemmed roses are such a romantic offering and the perfect Valentines Day Cake Idea. Try making this beautiful bouquet — which tastes as good as it looks! From Bake Me I’m Yours Whoopie Pies.

You Will Need:

Filled whoopie (flavour of your choice)

Sugarpaste: 50g white

Petal Paste 6g dark red

10cm (4in) circle cutter

15ml (1 tbsp) green royal icing in a piping (pastry) bag with no. 2 tube tip

Red edible glitter

Valentines Day Cake Ideas

1 Roll out the white sugarpaste to around 2mm (1?16in) thick and cut a 10cm (4in) circle. Moisten the underside with a damp paintbrush and fix on top of the whoopie, smoothing down the sides.

2 Roll out the petal paste very thinly. Cut three strips each measuring 1 x 6cm (3?8 x 23?8in). Gently flatten one long side of each strip with a rolling pin to thin it. Roll up each strip (flattened edge uppermost) to form a little rose, pinching the bottom end to form a point. Allow to dry for a couple of hours or overnight.

3 Moisten the roses with a damp paintbrush then dip into the red edible glitter. Set aside for a couple of minutes to dry. Position all three roses towards the top of the whoopie, securing with a dab of royal icing. Pipe long stems from the bottom of each rose and pipe small leaves down the length of the stem.

For open roses…

While rolling each rose, use your thumb to push out the top gently.

If you are tempted by whoopie pies, then you will love this book: Bake Me I’m Yours Whoopie Pies by Jill Collins & Natalie Saville

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