Valentine Crafts | How to Make a Heart Cushion

We love nothing more than to express our love with handmade Valentine crafts and this pretty patchwork cushion provides the perfect keepsake. Guaranteed to make your loved one feel even more special, this cushion will bring happy memories for years to come…

Valentine Crafts

You Will Need:

Tilda Fabrics used for cushion front:

  • Christmas House Big Spot Red,
  • Flower Ornament Red on White,
  • Little Flower Burgundy,
  • Rose White,
  • Dots Red,
  • Red Stripe
  • Betsy Pink

Tilda Pink Gingham fabric used for cushion back:

  • One piece 25cm x 39cm
  • One piece 28cm x 39cm
  • Red and pink sewing thread
  • 1m (1.yd) lightweight interlining


1. Make a square template from card measuring 8.5cm x 8.5cm (33?8in x 33?8in). Iron interlining onto the back of your patterned Tilda fabrics, then use the template to cut out 25 squares. Arrange the squares in a 5 x 5 grid.

2. Using the template, cut a heart from card and use to cut out 13 hearts from your fabrics.

3. Place the hearts on alternate squares; stitch using red thread.

4. Place two squares together with right sides facing. Machine stitch down one vertical edge with a 6mm (.in) seam allowance. Press the seam open. Work along the row until all five squares are joined in a line. Repeat for the next four rows, then stitch all five rows together in the same way to form a square. Press the seams open.

5. To make the envelope back, first fold over and stitch a narrow double hem down one long edge of each cushion back piece.

6. With right sides facing, pin the hemmed rectangles to the cushion front with the hemmed edges overlapping. Machine stitch together around the sides with a 6mm (.in) seam allowance, using light pink thread. Remove the pins,then trim the corners to reduce bulk. Turn your finished cushion cover the right way out through the envelope back. Press and insert a 38cm (15in) cushion pad.

We believe that the very best gifts are the homemade ones! If you would like more inspiration for Valentine crafts, or homemade cards then visit our blog today. Happy crafting! 

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