Using Rotary Cutters | Cutting Strips and Squares

It’s time to put away those fabric shears and pick up a rotary cutter! Find out how cutting the fabric for your next project could take half the time…

cutting fabricsRotary cutters are such a time saver if you need lots of small pieces of fabric. Squares and rectangles are the most common shapes you’ll need to cut, and this can be easily done with a rotary cutter, a ruler and a cutting mat. You can even cut several layers of fabric at once!

Lay the fabric on a cutting mat and trim off the selvedge first. This helps to keep the fabric flat and ensures that you won’t cut a piece that has the selvedge on it. Place the ruler at a right angle on the edge of the fabric and cut off a thin strip to square up your fabric. Turn the fabric around and align the desired width measurement on your ruler with the straight edge of the fabric. Cut a strip and then continue in this way to cut as many strips as required.cutting fabrics

To cut squares, lay out a strip and align the edge of the fabric with the edge of the ruler. The end of the strip should now have three perfect 90-degree angles, so you can cut off as many squares as you need to the required measurement on the ruler.

When cutting through more than one layer of fabric, spin the board around on your work surface rather than lifting up the fabric layers. This will keep the layers aligned to ensure precise cutting.

Pre cut fabricsThere are a few safety tips to bear in mind when using rotary cutters. Always cut away from yourself and try to cut in one smooth movement. Use an acrylic ruler and never be tempted to use a standard one. Replace your blade as soon as it becomes difficult to work with, but remember to take care when changing the blade on your cutter.

There’s a great range of Comfort Cutters from TrueCut, available in three handy sizes; the 45mm is the most widely used for patchwork. The unique handle design enables easier cutting and eliminates stress in the wrist and arm.

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