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In honour of the Crochet Motifs Blog Hop we’ve put together all the most creative, wonderful ways of using crochet motifs. So read on and start putting all those cute crocheted motifs to good use…

The internet is absolutely flooded with pretty crochet motif projects, but if you’re like me then I’m sure you’ll appreciate some advice on what to do with all those sweet flowers and hearts you’ve just made! Read on to discover new ways of using crochet motifs – from clothing to home comfort, there’s lots of surprising places you could deploy your pretty makes…

Wear it:

hedgehog crochet motif

A single motif can add a little pop to an otherwise plain garment. We love the idea of adding a quirky motif (like this sweet hedgehog) to a child’s jumper – almost like a brooch! Photography from Hooked!


Lavender and Wild Rose: Vintage Crochet Bag

Cute! I wouldn’t mind carrying one of these around. I’m sure you may have considered using crochet motifs to make a bigger project – and this bag is the perfect example. Vintage Crochet Bag by Lavender Wild Rose


using crochet motifs - flowers on a scarf

A gorgeous idea – had you thought of using crochet motifs to add detail to the ends of a scarf? The bright colours are so cheerful. Photography from Hooked!



using crochet motifs - make a flower garland

Why not try using crochet motifs to create a garland? These little flowers look stunning in a row, and would be the perfect decoration for a child’s room (or your own)! Mini Flower Garland by Silly Old Suitcase


using crochet motifs - fake flowers

Who needs fresh flowers when you have flower motifs? You could even dab them with a little essential oil to scent the room.  Photography from Hooked!


crochet flower cushion

Another creative way of using pretty flower motifs . I just love this colourful cushion! In My Mother’s Garden Cushion by stockexchange on Etsy


Use your imagination:

using crochet motifs: flower bookmark

I love this creative idea – of using crochet motifs to make handmade bookmarks. These would make great personalised gifts – instead of a flower, how about using a heart for your SO? Or a colourful skull motif for your little boy? The possibilities are endless. Rose Flower by joyoustreasures on Etsy

crochet heart


Beautiful AND practical. Simply sew together two identical motifs to make yourself a cute pincushion. Photography from Hooked!


 WIN a bundle of crochet goodies by showing us how your crochet motif!

We’re giving away a copy of Hooked! as well as 6 balls of Stylecraft yarn AND a crochet hook! Simply show us a photo of a motif you’ve crocheted and you could win the whole bundle.  But hurry – the competition closes on 28th February 2015. You can either upload your photo directly to our Competition Share Board, or upload it to Twitter or Instagram – making sure to use the hashtag #mycrochetmotif. Good luck!

enter the crochet motifs competition


There’s lots more crochet inspiration coming – throughout February bloggers are taking part in the Crochet Motifs Blog Hop. Follow along for giveaways, free tutorials and project ideas! If you’re inspired to try some crochet yourself, then don’t forget to enter the Crochet Motifs Competition. And if you’re low on crochet supplies, check out our huge yarn stash and crochet section. 






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