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Michaela Learner Hi, I’m Michaela Learner and I’ve been stitching for as long as I can remember and I’m totally self taught which may or may not be a good thing! I’ve been lucky enough to work as a cross stitch and embroidery designer for over 20 years.

I’ve authored a couple of books and have been a contributing author in many titles over the years as well as working freelance for magazines and manufacturers. I’m currently designing the Cross Stitch Patchworks range where I can indulge my passion for bright colours to my hearts content. All my latest information can be found on my Facebook page and my latest work is always in my Etsy shop.

When I was asked to come up with designs for Coloris thread I decided to go back to basics and see how many ways the thread could be used to its best effect. I enjoy the way the thread shades repeat in a small regular manner and the depth of colour is gorgeous. This repeat can be kept nice and random by cutting differing lengths of thread to stitch with.


When used for Cross Stitching always stitch whole stitches as you go to keep the colour even. There are four main ways the thread can be stitched with.

  • Rows can be achieved by going backwards and forwards until you complete the design.
  • Confetti stitching is where you stitch whole stitches in a completely random fashion to fill the shape.
  • Blended stitching is achieved by using one thread and folding it in half then stitching whole stitches.
  • Clumped stitching is where you stitch “clumps” of each colour. This gives a nice painterly feel to the finished work and is by far my preferred option as it also gives you quite a bit of control over where the final shades will be.

F&W Stitching Ideas x 4 Coloris

Using Coloris in Embroidery is wonderful as you can create so many effects from using just one or two skeins of colour. I’ve stitched a couple of samples to give you some ideas.

  • The Silhouetted rabbit was created by using two shades of Coloris thread in clumps of cross stitching to fill the background. The black rabbit is simply long and short stitch and then some light surface embroidery to finish it off. I love the way the background looks, so unique.

F&W Rabbit Silhouette Coloris


  • The little Hardanger design was made using just one skein of thread. I just played with the number of threads for the differing elements.

F&W Square Hardanger Coloris


  • The border on the Tote Bag shows just how quick and easy you can transform something quite plain into something fabulous with just three embroidery stitches, two skeins of thread and a couple of hours work.

F&W Tote Bag Border Coloris



Practice differing effects and stitches on some spare fabric so you can find out what pleases you. I think the main thing to remember when using Coloris thread is to keep an open mind and have some fun with it.

You can shop for Coloris thread here and get the Coloris cross stitch charts here

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