Upcycled Bracelet Making Ideas

Why buy yourself a new bracelet when you can make your own? Look all around you – in your wardrobe, craft box, local charity shops – and you will find an abundance of random objects that you can upcycle into a new eco-friendly and fashionable bracelet. The Internet is full of fascinating upcycled bracelet making ideas and here is my top 5:

1. Upcycled bracelet making ideas | Jersey Knit Bracelet

© http://www.vanessachristenson.com

All you need is an old jersey knit t-shirt, some scissors and your fingers! With some simple finger weaving skills you can make a fabulous upcycled bracelet.

2. Upcycled bracelet making ideas | Tie bracelet

© http://alethaisraels.blogspot.co.uk

This tutorial shows you how to make a necklace out of your father’s/husband’s/lover’s old ties. You can easily adapt the length of the tie to make it into a colourful bracelet, rather than a necklace.

3. Upcycled bracelet making ideas | Vintage tape measure bracelet

© http://www.myhootdesigns.com

Why not hunt around for an old vintage tape measure and create a really retro piece for your wrist? Simply cut the tape measure to size and add a bracelet clasp to each end. This tutorial adds a colorful threaded spool to the bracelet but I like the vintage simplicity of the tape measure on its own.

4. Upcycled bracelet making ideas | Rolled magazine bracelet

© http://www.hipstersteaparty.com

This bracelet is fabulous and stylish and yet, it is made out of rolled old magazines! With some cut up straws and discarded beads or pearls, these colourful and professional-looking bracelets will make perfect gifts for friends.

5. Upcycled bracelet making ideas | DIY wrap bracelet

© http://honestlywtf.com

I love these simple bracelets – they are right on trend. But instead of buying your fashionable bracelet from the high street, you can upcycle your own using leather cord, waxed linen cord, a hex nut and an old brass ball chain.

If you’ve been inspired by these bracelet making ideas and want to make your own then visit the Stitch, Craft, Create shop for all of your bracelet making supplies.

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