Wild and Wonderful | Unexpected Cross Stitch

Cross stitch isn’t restricted to fabric – it can be worked on all sorts of surfaces! Anything with a grid in fact…

We’ve been checking out some of the oversized and unexpected cross stitch that can be found on the streets and in homes all around the world. Miss Cross Stitch is well known for her cross stitch “graffiti”, like these impressive motifs stitched onto a bin and some railings:

unexpected cross stitch Unexpected cross stitch







Cross stitch has been creeping into our homes in unusual ways too. It’s so easy to decorate stools and chairs with cross stitch patterns and motifs. Here are some other great examples of unexpected cross stitch:

Unexpected cross stitch Unexpected cross stitch

On a smaller scale, there are ways that everyone can have a go at stitching on other surfaces. There are pendants, brooches, phone and tablet cases, decorative bowls and even lampshades available specifically created with holes for adding cross stitch. But you can also embellish other items with cross stitch, like these desk organisers and handbag:

Unexpected cross stitch Unexpected cross stitch








Fore more ideas for unexpected cross stitch, take a look at Miss Cross Stitch’s blog! Have you tried cross stitching on usual surfaces? Share your photos with us on Twitter or post them on our Facebook page.

Happy Stitching!

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