Tweet Tweet! Our Top Ten Cross Stitch Birds

Nothing makes me happier than listening to the birds as they sing along in the morning. If you enjoy their callings and you’re a bird lover too then these cross-stitch Birds are the ideal kits for you.

Here are my favourite bird scenes on my wish list.

1 Searching Seagull

Seagull Cross Stitch Kit

This seagull is scouring its surroundings looking for its next catch. It reminds me of the seagulls in St Ives as they watch you eating your food hoping that you will drop a morsel for them to grab. I love how the green beads add detail and accentuate the shoreline, which compliments the blue background.

2 Bright Budgerigars 

Budgerigars Cross Stitch Kit

These two lovebirds are cuddled up together and these two summer colours remind me of the sand and the sea as they meet on an idyllic beach

3 Feasting Frenzy

Feasting Frenzy


It’s like birds at Christmas! Someone has lovingly put out some food for the birds and a whole flock of them have come to feast. If you like to watch the birds feed in your garden then this is the kit for you. Stitch it while watching all the different birds that come and visit.

4 The Lookout 

The Lookout

This design by Hannah Dale for Bothy Threads uses backstitch to outline and add detail to the red poppies. I like how the owl is serenely surveying the scene before him.

5 The Birdcage

The BIrdcage

This 1920’s inspired cross-stitch combines the simplicity of the birdcage with the beautiful detail of the woman’s dress to create a powerful image. It reminds me of Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby with the woman’s decadent style as she reaches out to the bird.

6 Garden Bluebirds

Garden Blue Birds

Do you want a challenge? If you do then this cross-stitch kit is perfect for you with this detailed design. The two blue birds protect the younger bird who cheekily glimpses out of the birdhouse as they are all positioned against the pretty pink flowers.

7 Black Swan and Cygnet

This colourful countryside scene shows a mother Black Swan and her cute child Cygnet as they navigate their way through the river. It reminds me of my childhood and the woodland walks where I would look out for the swans to feed them.

8 Exotic Birds

Exotic Birds

This fun design has a mixture of bright exotic birds who share the same branch. It would look great framed and put on a wall to add a great burst of colour to a room.

9 A Hoot of Owls

A Hoot of Owls

Twit Twoo! This nighttime scene has vibrant owls that contrast the darkness of nightfall. It would be an excellent addition to a child’s bedroom.

10 Festive Chick

Festive Chick

It’s not too early to start talking about Christmas, is it? Not when this little bird is involved. I love his plump little tummy! He would make a great decoration for the festive season.

What are your favourite birds to stitch? Let us know by commenting below or tagging us on social using #SewandSo.

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