Trend alert | Indigo and sashiko are back!

In A/W 15 and S/S 16 there has been a huge, and we mean HUGE, trend for indigo. With that, a major trend for the ancient Japanese technique of sashiko has been reborn.

Indigo trend board

Sarah, a blogger for Think. Make. Share wrote that ‘Indigo dye was used by many diverse ancient cultures across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Central and South America. Today its popularity spans the fashion, home décor, design and the crafting communities alike’. In the super modern world in which we live, we seem crave the nostalgia and the deep roots of the colour. The raw indigo mega trend is associated with denim, which also has a lot of heritage in jeans. They were traditionally worn by miners and factory workers. In the 1950’s they became a symbol for youth rebellion when James Dean wore them in the film Rebel Without a Cause, before becoming widely accepted in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Indigo is a strong and powerful colour. It’s vibrant and bold and a solid fashion choice for anyone. It also works extremely well in home decor. It can add a warm aura to a living room when mixed with different shades of blue and works well in interiors when used in a naturally lit room.

In the craft world indigo is massive! It’s really helped to reignite the passion for sashiko, which traditionally uses indigo coloured fabric with a white cotton thread. Indigo fabric was worn by farmers and fishermen in Japan. Their wives used the sashiko technique to repair and strengthen their husband’s work clothes, while the intricate patterns were purely for decorative purposes.

Simple Sashiko collection

Sashiko derives from Northern Japan and literally translates to ‘little stabs’. It was born out of necessity in clothing and was used for warmth and thrifty recycling, combining country style with intricate design. Since the 18th Century sashiko patterns have been adapted for popular design including those of other textiles, auspicious patterns and designs derived from buddhist motifs.

A sashiko revival began back in the 1970’s parallel to the rise in western quilting in Japan. Now in the 21st Century sashiko continues to evolve and become more fashionable. This is shown in Simple Sashiko. Its beautiful and intricate patterns work so well against modern minimalist design which is popular today.

Simple sashiko greetings card

Susan Briscoe, author of Simple Sashiko, previously released ‘The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook’ in 2005. She’s taken 8 designs from the book and given them a modern feel. Whether you want to create a gorgeous tote bag or impress dinner guests with coasters and table mats there are designs for everyone.

Simple Sashiko cover

Simple Sashiko is designed for people of all abilities so you can easily get in on the trend, you can view a sneak peek of the book here. Why not give it a go today. You can get everything you need to from the Sew and So.



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