Trend Alert! Cross Stitch on Crochet

Why use one craft in a project, when you can use two crafts together? Cross stitch on crochet has been showing up more and more in our timeline recently and the results are outstanding.

Adding a cross stitch motif to your crochet pattern can add that extra special detail, whether you stitch initials on a baby blanket or add a floral pattern to a pillow it gives the wow factor to your work.

Pattern by YarnPlaza

So, how do I do this I hear you asking. Well, it is actually remarkably simple. Single Crochet (US terms) or Double Crochet (UK terms) or Tunisian Crochet stitches are the best stitches to use. They create a natural grid for you to work with much like Aida.

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The crocheted fabric forms the grid on which you will cross stitch. The corners of each square are located on either side of a single crochet, horizontally, and over two rows of single crochet, vertically. In this photo, the dots illustrate the corners in the grid where you could work your cross stitches.

crochet grid

Now you have your crochet block or item you want to cross stitch on. I have just crocheted a quick block using single crochet to work on. (Just don’t look too closely at my crochet skills!)

Most of you will be experienced cross stitchers and will know how you work best with the stitches. If you are new to cross stitch you can get a free Cross Stitch For Beginners eBook here. The only difference for these projects is that you will do two motions at once while you stitch.

When you put your needle in the top you don’t pull it all the way through, instead, you come back up to where your next stitch will start and then pull the thread through. The reason for this is because it’s easier and if you are cross stitching a project such as a cushion, you may not be able to see the back to bring the needle back up easily and it can quickly become quite fiddly.

Step Shot

The heart cross stitch chart I have used is from Picture It In Cross Stitch Today by Jo Verso.

Heart Cross Stitch

It creates a gorgeous effect, don’t you think? This is a really simple pattern but with larger crochet projects you can go create something really special.

Here are some of the beautiful examples of cross stitch on crochet that I have found from around the blogosphere.


Left: Modified Lalylala pattern with cross stitch detail. Right: Cross stitch Footstool by RoseHip


Left: Crochet Clutch Bag by YarnPlaza. Right: Tunisian Crochet Cushion by MaRRose.

I also found this really handy YouTube tutorial from Prosper Geek which explains the process really well.

Have you done any cross stitch onto crochet? We’d love to see your pictures. Comment below or tag us on social using @SewandSoUK

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