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We are so excited about the new kits from The Historical Sampler Company. Designs include Birth Samplers, Wedding Samplers, a Christmas Design and the Flamingo design they had previously teased.

Joanne from The Historical Sampler Company has written a guest blog for us. Here she explains the best way to stitch these kits and why they are perfect for both beginners and experienced stitchers alike.

All of our designs are worked with whole cross-stitch and we do not use any other stitches such as half stitch, french knots or backstitch.  This makes them very easy to work and so they are suitable for a beginner but also have enough design interest to satisfy an experienced stitcher.  Our designs have a lot of small motifs which means that you can concentrate on one motif at a time so by the end of an evening of stitching you can see what you have achieved and this builds up the finished project.


Four Hearts Wedding Sampler Four Hearts Birth Sampler

8 Inch Seat Frame

We personally stitch our cross-stitch on an 8-inch hoop that we find keeps the tension perfect – we would advise that at the end of the evening the hoop is loosened so that it does not mark the fabric.  We use seat frames which are an 8-inch hoop on a small stand that you tuck under your leg to secure it.  This then allows you to stitch without holding the hoop.

Another tip is rather than taking two 1 meter strands of cotton and securing them with a knot – we take a 1-meter strand of cotton and fold it in half.  You then thread the two loose ends through the needle – then stitch the first diagonal stitch and put the thread through the loop at the back of the fabric to secure it without using a knot.


When you have finished stitching the design we recommend that the stitched piece should never be washed as some of the colours may bleed onto the fabric.  If there is a mark on it, we would dab it gently with a damp cloth.  The benefit of using a seat frame is that you are not touching the fabric as much and this usually avoids marks on the material.  We also find that a gentle pressing of the finished work on the reverse side takes out all creasing of the fabric and also makes the stitching look fresh.
 What's New Pussycat


You may remember from our last post with The Historical Sampler Company Jo teased at some new designs coming out including a flamingo design. That design is now out and I have to show you because it’s fabulous.


In The Pink

It’s fair to say The Historical Sampler Company has outdone themselves with their latest designs. There are so many stunning kits to choose from. Have a look at the full range in store today.

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