Our Top 5 Amy Butler Fabric Collections

Amy Butler’s name is synonymous with gorgeous fabrics for sewing and quilting. She is a super talented designer with an eye for colour and pattern which never fails to appeal. We love pretty much everything she does but here we’ve picked out our top 5 collections for your delectation. Here they are, in reverse order…



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5. Belle

We had to mention Belle because it’s sooo pretty! this was Amy’s first line of quilting and fashion weight cotton and we still love it. Plants and flowers often feature heavily in Amy Butler prints and this is no exception. She says she was inspired by her ” favourite garden sanctuaries of lavish colour and vibrant design.”





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4. Soul Blossoms

Up next is the glorious, almost over-the-top opulence of Soul Blossoms. The colours and prints are bold and exotic, evoking tropical havens and colourful bustling markets. Amy was inspired by the colours and textures discovered on her travels in India and it really shines through in this stunning collection.















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Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 14.46.143. Glow

Glow is another of our absolute favourites. Amy took her inspiration from Japanese folk prints and has created a beautifully bright and energetic fusion of colour and print. The motifs include lilies and flowers juxtaposed with geometric patterns for a unique result.






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2. Hapi

Hapi is our second favourite collection by La Butler. It draws on her skills of modernising traditional motifs and mixing old and new themes. We adore the pixellated bird print which is central to this collection. Amy looked East for inspiration for this line and lots of the prints draw on patterns from Egyptian tiles and courtyard paving. The vivid palette evokes the colourful spices and dyes found in the traditional markets.





Amy Butler Violette Quilt

1. Violette

In at number 1 is Violette, the newest line from Amy Butler. We love her latest collection with its smudgy florals and 1920s inspired geometric graphics. It makes us think of shaded courtyards on hot afternoons and walking by the sea on a cool summer’s evening. Amy’s inspiration for this collection came from French farmer’s markets and the French countryside.




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One thought on “Our Top 5 Amy Butler Fabric Collections

  1. The Amy Butler fabrics are gorgeous. The vibrancy of the coulours makes one want to touch and hold the fabric. I would love to make the Violette quilt and the clutch. I am putting them next on my list