Country Style Quilt Patterns and Kits

We are all about rustic, country style quilting this week and we’ve put together our top country style quilt patterns and kits for you to look at…

Farmyard in Fall Quilt Pattern

This quilt pattern made it to the top of our top ten country style quilt patterns and kits because we love this design by Lynette Anderson who is well known for her distinctive country style and traditional motifs. This gorgeous throw-sized quilt is fun to make and will look great on the back of your sofa. Using a variety of fabrics in coordinated rustic prints and patterns in mellow autumn colours creates a traditional looking quilt with real country style.



Sweet Medley Quilt Kit

We love Anna Maria Horner’s Folk Song fabric line and it is shown off spectacularly in this traditional design by Lucy Fazely, particularly in the wide border. The eye catching chequerboard pattern is created with half square triangles which are quick and easy to do.






Honor Roll Flying Geese


This is traditional country style with a twist — the quilt is made with a 10 inch square flying geese block which gets reversed half way through to create a section of squares across the centre of the quilt. We love the fabrics used in this quilt too — they are from Anna Maria Horner’s Honor Roll line – gorgeous!




Hen Party Quilt Pattern

Enjoy a very different kind of hen party with this lovely quilt by the talented Lintotts. The quilt is made up of nineteen hen blocks and an optional hen house block — somewhere for all the ladies to live. This gorgeous quilt is bursting with character and personality and it would quickly become an all time favourite in any home. By switching the fabrics to create bright colourful hens you can create a whole different look unique to you.


Cornish Hedge Quilt

This is our favourite West Country quilt pattern. The Cornish Hedge Quilt by Jo Colwill is easy to do and quick to finish and has a really rustic charm. It is also perfect for using up scraps and strips of material that have been hanging around in your stash. The earthy colours are inspired by the countryside and the interesting patterns and textures created by the quilting make this a unique and lovely addition to any home.




Apple Core Quilt Pattern

Beautiful waves make this Apple Core quilt so appealing. It’s not only lovely to look at but it’s also remarkably easy to create, despite the curves! With a simple template in this pattern download, you can start making your own Apple core quilt in the time it takes for the download to finish! Choose your own colours and styles to really grab attention and we’re sure that this quilt will take pride of place in your home.



Sea and Shore Quilt Pattern

This quilt is more coast than country but it totally fits the rustic, rural vibe so we wanted to include it. Janet Clare is inspired by the beauty of the natural world around her and this quilt reflects her influences. With a bold patchwork centre surrounded by the shore and its houses this quilt evokes happy days by the seaside. The Log Cabin patchwork block design and traditional red central squares represent the heart and hearth of the home. You can imagine all the weary sailors glad to see the welcome lights on the shore.



Amy Butler’s Square Dance Quilt Kit

Amy takes a slightly different take on country with this beautiful, bright quilt made using her Violette fabric line. This particular fabric range was inspired by the French countryside with its bustling markets and rural landscape. We love the painterly quality of the prints and the contrasting blues and ochres in the colour palette.







There lots more country style quilt patterns, kits and books available in our store, as well as beautiful designer quilting fabrics to make them with.






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