Halloween Treat Bag Project

In this project we show you how to make a generous-sized child’s Halloween Treat Bag just in time for trick or treating. Made in warm autumnal colours from a soft orange wool remnant, they have been lined with a coordinating cotton check from a shirt offcut and decorated with appliquéd jack-o-lantern and cat motifs. These appliqué designs have been picked out with corduroy, silk and checked fabrics in orange and purples to create a rich, seasonal feel.

This project is very easy to achieve. The bag has a simple construction, consisting of the front and back pieces, while the motifs are applied using the machine appliqué technique we’ve featured in many of the projects. The bag is given some sturdiness with the addition of the contrasting lining and the simple handle.

From Sew Fabulous Fabric by Alice Butcher and Ginny Farquhar


You Will Need:

  • Pumpkin or Cat Template
  • Cut 2 pieces for main bag 23cm wide x 25.5cm long (9 x 10in) in top fabric – plain wool or cotton
  • Cut 2 pieces for main bag 23cm wide x 25.5cm long (9 x 10in) in lining fabric – cotton checked fabric
  • Cut 1 strap 6cm wide x 40cm long (23/8 x 15¾in) in top fabric – plain wool or cotton
  • Cut 1 strap 6cm wide x 40cm long (23/8 x 15¾in) in lining fabric – cotton checked fabric
  • Fabric scraps for appliqué (2 for pumpkin or 1 for cat)
  • Double-sided fusable webbing (Bondaweb)
  • Black and bright green embroidery thread (for cat motif)
  • Polyester sewing thread (purple and orange)
  1. Draft up your pumpkin or cat design
    onto a piece of Bondaweb (see page 125
    for templates). The pumpkin will need
    two shapes, one with and one without
    teeth and face cutouts. Fuse onto the w/s
    of your fabric and cut out. Prepare the
    pumpkin by fusing cut outs one over the
    other with the plain background (a).
  2. Cut out your bag, lining and straps.
    Fuse your motif onto the front r/s of your
    top fabric. Machine appliqué around all raw
    edges using a matching thread and secure
    in place. Remember on cat to stitch in leg
    and neck detai (cat template)l.
    On pumpkin, stitch around the eyes, nose
    and teeth. (pumpkin template)
  3. To make up the bag, place r/s of
    top fabric together and sew bottom seam.
    Repeat on lining. Open seams and press.
    Place r/s of lining to r/s of main bag and pin
    both top short seams. Stitch and press. This
    will create a tube. Fold r/s of top fabric
    together and r/s of lining together and pin
    side seams. Stitch side seams leaving a
    small gap on one side only of the lining for
    turning through (b).
  4. To create the base for the bag, still
    working from the w/s, fold the bottom
    bag corner open along the bottom seam.
    This should make a triangle. Make sure the
    seams are lined up by pinning through.
  5. Measure in 2cm (¾in) and stitch a
    straight stitch at right angles across the width.
    Repeat on all corners of both top fabric
    and lining. Turn bag through and press well.
    Slipstitch opening closed.
  6. Make up straps by placing r/s of top strap
    to r/s of lining strap. Stitch together at long
    edges, turn and press. Topstitch 1mm (1/20 in)
    from edge. With short edges turned under
    towards lining 1cm (3/8 in), pin straps onto main
    bag 3cm (1¼in) down from top edge at side
    seams (c).
  7. Stitch a square, 1mm (1/20 in) from edge,
    to secure strap and finish with a diagonal stitch
    row for extra strength. To complete your treat
    bag, embroider on all details, using the template
    as a guide. For the cat, use black and green
    embroidery thread, and use overstitch for the
    eyes and black backstitch for the mouth. Now
    fill your bag with treats!

There you have it – a super easy, Halloween bag for all of your goodies. Happy Trick or Treating!

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