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Just when you think Tilda couldn’t possibly produce another fabric collection that could beat the last, she does.

The latest collection, Cottage is stunning. Full of beautiful reds, striking blues and the big bold floral patterns. The colours and patterns are perfect for the festive period and can make a wide array for festive makes. Separately, the fabrics look a bit summery  But when they come together they look perfectly seasonal and cosy. Look how gorgeous it is!

Tilda CottageTilda HQ has perfectly summed up the collection:

There is nothing like spending winter in a cottage warm and cosy in front of the fireplace while hearing the wind hauling outside. A cottage should always have a stack of old quilts ready for cold nights carrying with memories of generations past. 

The Cottage collection is inspired by the kind of fabrics you might find in these old quilts.  Classic large flower fabrics combined with small flower patterns that could be from an old shirt. With emphasis on red tones, the Cottage collection is also perfect for Christmas. Tilda Cottage

Tilda has released a kit for the stunning star block stocking, above. This is the perfect make to hang on the fireplace or put at the end of the bed on Xmas morning.  The stocking is as much of a treat as the contents. You can also make this fun little Santa. Made in the traditional Tilda doll style it would make a charming gift for a loved one or a stylish piece to sit on your windowsill or fireplace during the festive period.

Now, here is a quilt that you will have to make. The Cottage quilt pattern is amazing for a number of different reasons. To begin with, the cottage block that is used is so so pretty. I would like to live in one of those cottages with that pattern on the wall! Secondly, although it is for the winter collection, you could easily keep it out all year round, because the Cottage fabrics don’t feature festive patterns on them. The cottage could easily be a summer house as well as a winter lodge.

In the images below, Tilda has created some pillows with the Cottage block on. These patterns haven’t been released yet, but we will be keeping our eyes peeled on the Tilda’s World blog for those patterns to be released because they are really cute and I would like to make one and think you should too! As soon as we see it, we will share in on our Facebook page, so keep your eyes peeled there. Tilda Cottage pillow

You can get your hands on the wonderful new Cottage fabric range in store now. Don’t forget to also pick up Tilda’s new book, Sewing by Heart for more Tilda project loveliness.



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