Tilda Circus Has Arrived And We’re In Love

It feels like so long ago that the last Tilda range arrived in store. It was in fact, only in January, but that’s ages in Tilda years so we are really excited to have Tilda Circus in now.

Tilda Circus

Tilda CircusThe Tilda Circus range is so much fun. Inspired by a trip to the circus it is full of elephants balancing on trees while serving tea to from a teapot to a monkey, naturally. There are dancers holding umbrellas with owls perched on their hands, a little girl on a swing and bright bold floral prints. It is the perfect mix of kitsch, vintage and feminine.

It’s fresh blue, red, turquoise and green series with flowers and motives reminiscent of the old circus life. They have a great summer feel that instantly makes you want to be outside. I really love the greens and the reds in this range. They pop!

This fabulous collection has all your Tilda favourites in. Not only does it have the beautiful fabric, it also has buttons, new Tilda friends and clothing patterns for them and of course, a quilt pattern.

As well as all this Tilda goodness we have created two of our own kits that you can make with Circus fabric. Of course, with this fabric featuring elephants and having a circus theme, it would be a shame not to create an elephant toy. These pretty elephants have been hugely popular and now you can make them with new Tilda fabric. We have also created a stunning floor cushion. I love this cushion, when you look at it from above it looks like a cascading circus tent. These will be in soon.


I have scoured the web to see what other people are making with this fabric.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 12.32.41 Tilda-Circus-Ella-2 Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 12.31.30 Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 12.32.34

Leanne Knell of @petalandpatchesau has made an incredible quilt. The way she has used the hexis to create the tutu is just wonderful. This would make any little girl so happy. Lisa from A Spoonful Of Sugar has made a super sweet Ella the Elephant cushion. This cushion would be perfect in a nursery.

@Tuvapublishing made a stunning reverse appliqué cushion and coordinating hoop which is simply stunning and Minki Kim @zeriano made an incredible getaway bag that has an applique dancer on the back, as shown, and patchwork squares on the front. This may be my favourite make I’ve seen so far. 

Tilda Friends Giraffe Tilda Elephant Tilda Elephant Clown Kit


Tilda has some new friends with this collection. She has included a pre-made elephant and giraffe which have their pants on. (or knickers on, for our American readers). What is really nice is that she has a kit so you can make the elephant and a little clown outfit for him too which is almost too cute to handle. I love the puffy collar he is wearing and his party has is the icing on the cake.

Tilda Circus Tilda Circus Tilda Circus ClownFlowerTeal ForgetMeNotBlue Tilda Circus

Above is a little sneak at some of the fabric, Rose Red, top middle, is my favourite. It’s so tropical. Head over to the store to see the full fabric range plus all the extra Tilda accessories.

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