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Woven Shibori CoverRediscover Woven Shibori with the revised and updated book from Catherine Ellis which features information on working with natural dyes which will enhance your weaving experience.

In this updated version of the classic Woven Shibori, that was first published 11 years ago, master weaver Catharine Ellis teaches weavers of all skill levels how to create beautiful dyed woven cloth, using environmentally friendly natural dyes. Shibori is a traditional Japanese technique, in which a piece of cloth is shaped by folding, stitching, tying, or wrapping then dyed to create stunning colour patterns.

Ellis cleverly developed a method of weaving resist warp and weft threads directly into the cloth and shared her findings in her breakthrough book. Her new revised book features all-new information on working with natural dyes and dozens of new photographs. It is an invaluable resource for weavers.

Let’s take a look inside shall we?

Woven ShiboriWoven Shibori features techniques for incorporating shibori into two-shaft weaves, monk’s belt, overshot, twills, laces, and other patterns. The book has a lot of guidance and inspiration for creating your own woven shibori designs and in-depth instructions for preparing the fabric for dyeing and finishing the dyed cloth. It also includes new information on using natural dyes, recipes for creating natural dyes from plants and insects to dye both plant and animal fibres. There is a really great section on special effects for enhancing woven shibori too, including layering colours, cross-dyeing, felting, creating permanent pleats, and burning out also, which will really enhance your weaving experience. Woven Shibori will open up a world of creative surface design possibilities for weavers and textile artists.

Ellis says “When weavers are able to bring their own skills and understanding to the process, the craft becomes a vehicle for something new to happen. That’s what this book is really about”.

Woven Shibori is available for pre-order now and with this purchase, you will get the eBook for free! We want to see your Woven Shibori makes, so send us pictures in the comments below, on Facebook, Twitter and tag us on Instagram



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