The story behind the Go Handmade families

A little while ago a group of us in the office sat around a table in the meeting room and saw some amazing kits that we knew we had to get our hands on. We were instantly fascinated with these little ducks wearing flip flops and felt mice carrying little teddy bears on the page in front of us.

The company behind these sewing kits is called Go Handmade. They are a Danish company which is headed up by craft fan Hanne who, although cannot crochet, sew or knit, has a passion for beautiful handmade products. This is how Go Handmade began.

It was the idea of Hanne’s to allow people to create their own fairy tale through the kits available and the stories that are created in the collections, or families as they are lovingly called by the company.Duck Family

I reached out to Hanne to find out more about the company and the families she has created:

Go Handmade sketchHow did Go Handmade start?

It all started with a little bit of magic. I wanted to create something that appealed to the market on a number of different levels. Today we have over 50 kits that give you everything you need to make your very own craft figures.

How did you come up with the idea to create a family of ducks?

It was an idea from my morning walks with my dog Julle. Every morning at about 6.15am, we have our lovely morning walk. Julle has all his pit stops — and as usual, we pass the little pond which is surrounded by a lot of grass. Many times when we pass the pond a group of ducks is walking in the grass, snapping in the grass, very energetic. When walking with Julle I have a lot of time for thinking — Julle loves to sniff, and it can take a long time! I love the quiet time, to let my mind fly and in a way open up for the fantasy.

One day I called Sophie and told her; we shall make a duck family and they shall have boots (in Denmark we have a lot of rainy days) as well as sandals for the sunny days. My hands were not made for designing, but my brain was, and in that way, I work with all the amazing needlework creators to make my ideas a reality.

And what about their story?

As everything else, there isn’t really a system — the stories come when the stories want to come. My staff have said to me; Hanne, we need the story for ‘Emily’… I can only say, the stories come when I have had the time to think about it. For some of the families, it has taken months. To understand this, it is important to know, that Go Handmade is my whole life dream project, I have to feel it is strong and it has to be my story. You can’t make a story, even it is a little short one, without thinking about the details and at the end of the day, I have enjoyed having all my own fairy tales in my mindset. From day to day I play with the characters — who should be the ‘leader’ who should do this and that and so on.

Go Handmade Mice

From the beginning, you don’t know where it will all go, but suddenly you are in the middle of it all and they have names, they have stories, they have friends and so on. We love it all and we have fun.

The stories come from my heart and sometimes come when I have worked with my photo stylist Birgitte when we have talked about whether the Mouse should go to the Danish Rivera or when they should have their individual teddy bear and pillow and sleeping dress. Seeing their photos done in nature, gives extra to their stories.

The same for the Ducks – when seeing little Alfred sitting at the bench with a little sad expression, his story is easy to tell — he is tired, he doesn’t want any more, he wants to have fun and not all that family photo nonsense!

The mice are sisters, all three are very loving and caring mice who enjoy being together. In the summer when the weather is nice and sunny, they live out in the countryside. None of them can do without either their pillow or their much-loved teddy bear; and of course, they always sleep in their nightdresses.

We adore these kits and the stories behind the families. It is clear that a lot of love has gone into creating them. You can get one, or a whole family, on our website now by clicking here. We would love to see your pictures of these kits and the adventures you are taking them on, please share your pictures in the comments below, on Facebook, Twitter and tag us on Instagram.


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