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Snowball Dishcloth patternThe Simple Simon Guide to Patchwork Quilting is the new book from the lovely Liz & Elizabeth Evans. We have a free dishcloth pattern for you to create as a bonus project from the book. It is really simple to create, yet so effective.


In The Simple Simon Guide to Patchwork Quilting each chapter shows how to sew a block, then provides 3 achievable projects using that block. It features 24 patchwork projects and starts with the easiest, moving on to more complex patterns. It is more than just a how-to book, it really captures Liz and Elizabeths personality and reminds us what a fun hobby sewing can be.

We have a bonus project from the book for you to complete as a little taster of what to expect.  It is a beautiful snowball dishcloth project. It is simple yet effective. The Snowball block, a popular Amish quilting block, is simply a plain square with triangles formed on each of its four corners. This block is interesting enough to stand alone in a quilt but is also a wonderful block to use in between other more intricate blocks.

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