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The Cross-Stitch Garden CoverThe Cross-Stitch Garden is the new book from Kazuko Aoki. It includes over 70 cross stitch motifs and 20 stunning projects. Inspired by her love of wildflowers, Kazuko decided to mix that love with her love of cross stitch to create this beautiful book.


Kazuko plants flowers in her garden, waits for them to grow, then sketches them and immortalises them into a cross stitch flowers. What has come from that is this delightful book which will allow you to cross stitch all that she has seen in her garden.

Pansy Coin Purse

The book features some really lovely projects including the coin purse shown above. It also teaches you about creating your own cross stitch flowers using graph paper, which is a really clever way of visualising how your drawing will translate into a pattern. With so many motifs in this book, you could easily customise the projects shown with your favourite flower.

Cross-Stitch Garden Berry Motifs

The Berry motif pattern is probably my favourite in the book. I love the 3D effect of the beads and how they really look like berries. It is a really nice effect, you could just eat them off the page!

Cross-Stitch Garden Red Poppy Collage

Kazuko says that she tries to add a splash of red whenever she is designing a garden as it adds depth. Maybe this is why this Red Poppy Collage stood out to me. The appliquéd ribbon adds a nice touch to it as does the little ladybird. Can you see him?

What I think is great about this book is the detail in the patterns. Kazuko has drawn the flowers she sees with such detail and that is evident from the patterns she is able to produce from them. The mixture of colours and the variants of flowers is really remarkable.

If you have a love for flowers or gardening and a love of cross-stitch then  The Cross-Stitch Garden is perfect for you. It is laid out well and full of beautiful vibrant flowers for you to create as decoration for your own home.

You can buy The Cross-Stitch Garden on our website now. Don’t forget to post pictures of your creations from the book in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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