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The Art of Whimsical StitchingThe Art of Whimsical Stitching is the new book from “Whimsical art maker” Joanne Sharpe. She is a colourful mixed media artist and enthusiastic teacher with a passion for art journaling, lettering, doodling and illustration. The book shows you creative stitch techniques and features some inspiring colourful projects.

From the second you open this book you are thrust into a world of colour and whimsical design. Each page is full to the brim with illustration, inspirational quote designs and top tips. It is a fantastic mix of art and sewing. It doesn’t just chuck you in the deep end with projects if you haven’t mixed the two before either which is great; it gives you all the tools you need to be able to create gorgeous art projects such as the ones in her book.

As Joanne says “I hope it will be an inspiring and informative springboard for your own art!”

The Art of Whimsical Stitching extract

If you are new to this style of craft, knowing which paints dyes and other mediums you can apply to certain fabrics can be a minefield. Joanne not only gives you top tips on which dyes, paints and markers work best for fabric but also how you can experiment and keep your work in a ‘crafty sampler’ for future reference. She says to ‘Think of this sampler as an art journal for textile art’. There is also a helpful list of must-have items in order to create her projects including batting to give shape to your projects and fusible web interfacing to glue fabric components together for appliqué.

Flower Pop Sculpted Pillow

Flower Pop Sculpted Pillow - The Art of Whimsical Stitching

This bright flower project is designed to bring the outdoors in and create a colourful piece of soft-sculptured couch art. Once you have grasped the way in which these are made, you can really have fun with them. You can create a wide range in different colours to create a flower bed on your sofa. Think how fun it would bring to a room.

Whimsical Words Art Quilt

Whimsical Words Art Quilt - The Art of Whimsical Stitching

One thing this book has in abundance is inspirational quotes. What is great about this project is not only that you can hang your art on your wall to admire; you can also have your favourite quote or mantra for life displayed on it as well. You can make this project your own by playing with the colours and words. It will end up being a very happy piece of art that should make you smile every time you look at it.

You can buy The Art of Whimsical Stitching on our website now. Start creating some beautiful pieces of crafty art with help from the wonderful book.

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