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There are some really exciting new quilting books out at the moment, and we’re particularly enthralled by a title produced in association with The Quilters’ Guild. New book, The 1718 Coverlet, is not only jam-packed with unique quilt block designs to make, it also offers a fascinating insight into patchwork from the past.

The 1718 CoverletOne of our favourite quilting books of the moment is the exciting new book by Susan Briscoe in association with The Quilters’ Guild: The 1718 Coverlet. With instructions for the 69 stunning blocks that make up the historic 1718 silk patchwork coverlet owned by The Quilters’ Guild, you can recreate this spectacular piece of patchwork in its entirety, using fabrics of your choice.

Every block features instructions for both the original methods of piecing, and a modern way of recreating the same effect; so if you’re feeling adventurous you could make the quilt entirely using traditional mosaic patchwork. There are some really unusual and unique blocks in the quilt, with interesting motifs including a unicorn, a swan, a lion, a partridge, and even a man and a woman to choose from.

Check out our video to take a look inside this book, and find out more about one of our other favourite quilting books of the season, New Ways With Jelly Rolls, too:

Pre-order your copy of The 1718 Coverlet now and you’ll get a FREE eBook version of the book to download instantly. Don’t miss our other fantastic quilting books, and don’t forget to check out our fabric store for all of the latest designs too! To find out more about The Quilters’ Guild, visit their website.

What do you think of The 1718 Coverlet? What’s your favourite quilting book? We love to see what you’re making, so please post photos of your latest quilts in our Project Gallery!

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