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This retro-style reversible apron has a large heart-shaped pocket on one side. It’s perfect for keeping your best clothes ‘spic and span’ when cooking up a romantic dinner for two.

Sweetheart apronYou Will Need:

Here’s how to make the sweetheart apron…

1. To make a template for the reversible apron panels, cut a piece of paper 67cm x 40cm (26in x 16in) and use a large dinner plate to round off one of the bottom corners of the longest edge. Fold the paper in half and mark the second corner to match. Use this pattern to cut the apron panels from fabrics A and B.

2. Cut four pieces of fabric B measuring 9cm (3½in) long to the width of the fabric. For a frill, sew two fabric B strips to form one long strip; and press.

3. Fold the frill strip lengthwise (wrong sides facing); press. Repeat for the two remaining strips to make the waistband/ties.

4. Lay one apron panel right side up; attach frill, raw edges matching, pinning tucks at 2.5cm (1in) intervals; tack (baste) in place. Cut two fabric B hearts; interface one. With hearts right sides together, sew around edge leaving a small gap for turning, then slip stitch closed. Attach heart to centre of fabric A, leaving top open to form a pocket.

5. Place the apron panels together right sides facing, so that the frill stays between the panels. Pin and sew; turn right side out. Sew gathering stitches along the top edge. Match middle of waistband to middle of gathered edge. Measure 5cm (2in) beyond the frill edge at either side and mark with a pin. From end of ties sew raw edges to the pinned marks. Turn the ties right way out and press. Sew waistband to gathered edge of apron (right sides facing). Turn over and slip stitch the other side of the waistband in place. Press to finish.

This project has been excerpted from, 101 ways to Stitch Craft Create for all Occasions.

Sweetheart apron

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