Fat Quarter Projects | Striped Tote Bag

Fat quarter projects don’t come cuter than this! Using three fat quarters, this super tote is so versatile it can go anywhere from the library, to school to the shops and home again. The pretty fabrics are sure to get compliments and you get to say “I made it!”

You Will Need:

Fat quarter fabric pack
Fabric for bag lining, two pieces 30cm x 35cm (117?8in x 137?8in)
• White sewing thread
• Pink ribbon

Fat Quarter ProjectsInstructions:

1. Choose three different fabrics and from each fabric piece, cut out four strips each measuring 30cm x 8cm (117?8in x 3½in). You should end up with 12 strips in total, six for the front and six for the back of the bag. Decide on your preferred layout of the strips.

2. Allowing for a 6mm (¼in) seam allowance, pin the first two strips together, right sides facing. Machine stitch along the edge and continue in the same way adding each strip as you go, until the first six strips have been sewn to form the front of your bag. Press seams open on the reverse, then press the front. Repeat for the bag back.

3. Put the patchwork back and front together with right sides facing. Pin around the three sides making sure all seams match up, and leaving the top open. Machine stitch with a 6mm (¼in) seam allowance. Turn inside out and press in a 1.3cm (½in) hem at the top (wrong sides facing).

4. Place the lining pieces together with right sides facing. Pin then machine stitch together just as you did for the main bag following step 3.

5. Put the lining in the main bag; align pressed hems at the top; pin.

6. To make the handles cut twelve 9cm x 9cm (3½in x 3½in) pieces (six per handle) and make a patchwork strip (see step 2). Press in half, long sides together and open. Press a 1cm (3?8in) hem along each long side and fold strip over so hems meet; pin, then sew. Place the straps in between the lining and main bag so they are the same distance from the sides; pin. Topstitch all the way around the top edge of the bag.

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