Stitch yourself a masterpiece

Do you fancy having a Van Gogh or Renoir in your living room? Well now you can! Stitch yourself a masterpiece with some beautiful cross stitch kits of some classic paintings.

You can now create your own masterpiece with DMC’s National Gallery range or the hugely popular ‘The Kiss’ by Gustav Klimt kit. Each of these cross stitch kits are so intricately detailed that once completed they almost look like the real thing.

‘The Kiss’ is one of Art Nouveau’s best known and loved images, which is currently housed in the Austrian Gallery. It features an embracing couple and heavily features the colour gold, which Klimt loved to use. The kaleidoscopic design, recreated into the cross stitch pattern, will draw eyes to your creation.

The Kiss stitch yourself a Materpiece

DMC, who created a range of cross stitch patterns based on world famous paintings in collaboration with the National Gallery, have said:

“Working to The National Gallery’s stringent specifications, each counted cross-stitch kit demanded meticulous colour matching, from our palette of more than 460 shades of DMC Mouline stranded cotton, to capture the splendour of the original artwork. The finished pieces have astonishing depth and intensity.”

La Ferte - Stitch yourself a Materpiece The Beach at Trouville - Stitch yourself a Materpiece Water-Lily Pond - Stitch yourself a Materpiece

You can stitch yourself a masterpiece with one of eleven National Gallery kits or The Kiss available from our website. Each one is as beautiful as the next, you could easily turn your home into the National Gallery or Austrian Gallery whilst doing it. However, you may have to get some large solid golden frames to display your work in and show it in all of its grandeur!

Sunflowers - Stitch yourself a Materpiece

Since we first released the National Gallery kits back in August, we have had 5 new kits added to the collection. These include cross stitch patterns based on paintings such as ‘The Umberellas‘ by Renoir, ‘The Water-Lily Pond‘ by Monet and ‘La Ferte‘ by Bonington to add to the collection already available such as ‘Sunflowers‘ by Van Gogh or ‘Bathers at Asnieres‘ by Seurat.

The Umberellas - Stitch yourself a Materpiece

You can see the full range of DMC’s National Gallery range here and Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss here. Let us know how you get on, we would love to hear from you.

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