SewandSo Ideas Site Photography

Dear bloggers, site managers and other web makers and creators,

You are welcome to use photography from on your blog or website, in fact we would positively encourage it to help spread the word of our great projects and ideas! All we would ask is for you to follow the following licensing rules:

You may share, copy, distribute and transmit the photography from online through your blog or website, but you MUST attribute the work in the manner specified below.
– Photographs must be credited on the same page that they appear on your site
– Photographs should be given a text link that matches the name of the project or page on that they are taken from
– Please include SewandSo as text as part of the credit (a link is not required)


Egg Garland Project
Pretty Easter Egg Garland / SewandSo

You may not:
– Create a derivative work: You may not alter, transform or build upon the work.
– Use the work in any printed matter without prior written permission from
– Use the work for any direct commercial benefit such as a paid for digital product. However, you may use the work on a website that generates sales in other ways such as paid advertising or eCommerce.
– Use any photography where we indicate at the bottom of the post the images are not available for 3rd party use

Accessing photography

To use photographs from the site you can simply save the images directly from the web locally and then upload to your own site. If you’re operating within our terms then you shouldn’t need anything more. Please do not embed photographs directly from our site, that would just be stealing our bandwidth and wouldn’t be very nice.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about using our photography.