So Simple Pom Poms

We have seen the technique to make a pom pom done in lots of different ways, on a fork, using cardboard or using a pom pom maker. But now, with this clever craft hack, you will be able to make six pom pom in one go using just some yarn, a pair of scissors and an old coat hanger!

Let’s get started, shall we?

Step 1

So Simple Pom Poms

Take an old wire hanger and bend the sides of it so that it creates a rectangle.

Step 2

So Simple Pom Poms


Tie your yarn to the top of the hanger. We recommend tieing it in a double knot to make sure it is nice and secure.

Step 3

So Simple Pom Poms

Wrap the yarn around the ends of the coat hanger. Keep going until it is really thick so you get big voluptuous pom poms. Once you are happy with the thickness, simply leave a length of thread and snip the end.

Step 4

So Simple Pom Poms

Cut a length of yarn from your ball of yarn and tie it in a double knot around your yarn on the hanger. Put it fairly near the top, keeping in mind that you have to do this six times down the length of yarn.

Step 5

So Simple Pom Poms

Repeat step 4 six times down your length of yarn, making sure they are all tied really tight. You don’t want your pom poms to come undone.

Step 6

So Simple Pom Poms

With your scissors cut your yarn from the hanger. Cut in line with the top of the hanger where the yarn wraps around it. Do this at the top of the hanger and the bottom.

Step 7

So Simple Pom Poms

Cut midway in between each of your ties. You should then have six separate sections of yarn.

Step 8

So Simple Pom Poms

Roll each of the sections of yarn around in your hands so they create a ball. Use your scissors to cut around the edges and neaten up the sides. Roll them around in your hands again to make sure they look like balls and use the scissors to neaten them up again if needed.

Step 9

So Simple Pom Poms

Enjoy your pom poms! You can tie some thread around the middle and create pom pom ornaments like above, or you could tie them together with a long length of thread to make a garland. It’s completely up to you.

Watch The video tutorial below.

We hope you have enjoyed this so simple tutorial. Send us pictures of your pom pom makes by commenting below or tagging us on social using #SewandSo

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