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The icy colours of this crochet bauble, designed by Claire Wilson, will bring the atmosphere of a frozen winter wonderland to your home this Christmas. Or if you prefer a traditional Scandinavian look, why not stitch the bauble in red and white instead!

Snowflake crochet bauble patternYou Will Need:

Finished size: 13cm (5¼in) circumference


Here’s how to make the Snowflake Crochet Bauble…

Bauble pattern
Using A, make a magic ring.
Round 1: Ch1, 5dc into the ring and tighten. [5 sts]
Round 2: 2dc in each of the next 4 st, 3dc in last st. [11 sts]
Round 3: 2dc in next st, 2dc. (2dc in next st, 1dc) 4 times. [16 sts]
Round 4: 2dc in next st, 3dc. (2dc in next st, 2dc) 4 times. [21 sts]
Round 5: 2dc in next st, 5dc. (2dc in next st, 4dc) 3 times. [25 sts]
Round 6: 2dc in next st, 8dc. (2dc in next st, 7dc) 2 times. [28 sts]
Round 7: 2dc in next st, 27dc. [29 sts]
Round 8: Dc in each st around. [29 sts]
Round 9: Dc2tog, 27dc. [28 sts]
Round 10: Dc2tog, 26dc. [27 sts]
Round 11: (Dc2tog, 7dc) around. [24 sts]
Round 12: (Dc2tog, 4dc) around. [20 sts]
Round 13: (Dc2tog, 2dc) around. [15 sts]
Round 14: (Dc2tog, 1dc) around. [10 sts]
Stuff firmly.
Round 15: Dc2tog around, leaving 5 sts. Fasten off, sew closed and sew in ends.

Snowflake detail
Using B, stitch a snowflake pattern on the front of the bauble. Stitch long lines first, make the diagonal lines slightly shorter than the horizontal and vertical, and stitch ‘V’ shapes at the end of each line.

Making up and finishing
Make the hanging cord using A. Ch20 and ss to first ch to form a loop. Stitch to the top of the bauble.

This project has been excerpted from Crochet Your Christmas Baubles.

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