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Simply Modern Wedding Cakes CoverSimply Modern Wedding Cakes is the new book from world-renown sugar craft teacher Lindy Smith. The book shows you how to make a wedding cake with the minimum of fuss but with maximum effect.




A wedding cake is the centerpiece to a wedding – aside from the bride and groom of course. Today, brides want something simple but stylish but one that also doesn’t cost the same as a deposit on a house! Simply Modern Wedding Cakes gives you a step-by-step guide on how to create a wide range of styles so you end up with a stand out DIY wedding cake. Whether the cakes follows or strays away from tradition each of these cakes are jaw dropping and trendy.

 Summertime Blooms
SMWC Summertime Blooms


This beautiful summer cake would look a treat at an outdoor wedding reception. The bright citrus coloured hand painted flowers are edible and can be customised to fit any colour theme. It is simple yet charming. It is so simple yet so effective.


Sweetheart Strips
SMWC sweetheart stripes

This cake is fun and flamboyant. Its candy stripes and polkadots are in ombre colours to match seamlessly with its ruffled bottom tier. It is feminine, playful and romantic and although the three tiers are all different they compliment each other extremely well.

Fabulous Fringes

SMWC Fabulous fringes

What a cake! It has a 1920’s retro vibe with its fringing, pearl and lace details. Its bursting with movement from tier to tier and is topped with a show stopping edible flower. It can also be altered to fit a colour scheme. It would sit perfectly in any shabby chic, vintage or pastel colour themed wedding.

Something Blue

SMWC Something Blue

This stunning two tier cake is partially inspired by the Royal Alcazar of Seville and it works. You can just imagine having a slice of the cake whilst sat relaxing in the garden of a rustic Spanish villa enjoying the festivities in the sunshine. Oh we can dream. The tiled effect looks complicated but its actually quite simple to create yourself using stencils.

Flamboyant Fleur-De-Lis
SMWC Flamboyant Fleur-De-Lis


This is the most masculine of the cakes in the book. It is as dramatic and flamboyant as the name suggests. It would works flawlessly with a red colour scheme and the light versus dark with the contrasting pink on the chevrons make for an interesting and powerful addition to the wedding decor.


What I personally love about Simply Modern Wedding Cakes is that for each cake there is a biscuit, cupcake or mini cake that goes along with it. These make for ideal wedding favours; something I wish I had thought of when making my wedding cake!

You can buy Simply Modern Wedding Cakes or download the eBook on our website now.

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