Simple Fabric Shopping Bag Pattern in Tilda Fabrics

Perfect for a stop in the shops or library, this handy fabric shopping bag pattern even has a separate purse for a library card or debit card. Perfect! This pattern features one of our favourite fabric designers, Tilda.

Simple Shopping Bag Pattern in Tilda Fabrics

For this shopping bag pattern, you will need:

  • Tilda fabric for bag front, back and handles: Two pieces 43cm x 38cm (16 5/8in x 15in); Two pieces 60cm x 12cm (23¾in x 4¾in
  • Tilda fabric for bag lining: Two pieces 43cm x 38cm (16 5/8in x 15in)
  • Tilda fabric for purse front, back and lining: Four pieces 12cm x 14cm (4¾in x 5½in)
  • 10cm (3 7/8in) zip


1. Pin bag front and back with right sides facing. Pin a ribbon loop facing inwards between the side seams. Sew sides and base using a 1.5cm (5/8in) seam allowance; trim corners, turn through. Make the lining but do not turn through.

2. Press a 1cm (3/8in) hem along the handle length, press in half lengthwise, wrong sides facing. Oversew handles down both sides (1cm/3/8in seam allowance). Pin to the bag front and back, handles down, raw edges matching. Sew.

3. Insert the main bag inside the lining and pin the top edges together, matching the seams exactly and keeping the handles to the inside. Sew around the top of the bag (1.5cm/5/8in seam allowance), with a gap to turn the bag through. Turn the bag through, press and slip stitch the gap closed. Overstitch around top of bag. Attach a split ring to the loop.

4. Pin and tack (baste) the top of the purse front, face down, to the top of the zip, lining up the raw edges.

5. Pin and tack (baste) the top of the purse back to the lower edge of the zip. Sew both sides of the zip in place, then remove tacking. Place the purse right side up and stitch along both sides of zip (zipper foot).

6. Pin ribbon loop between the side seams of the purse. Sew sides and base together, right sides facing. Trim corners, turn through. Make a lining, turn through. Press under raw edges. Place lining inside purse and slip stitch in place just below zip. Attach a D ring to the loop.

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