Sewing Projects for Beginners | Felt Goodie Bags Project

These little felt goodie bags make a great gift or party bags. Use coordinating colours and ribbons for the perfect party combination. Easy to make, you can get your children involved, as they are the perfect sewing projects for beginners. Simply use hand stitches instead of machine stitches.

Party Bags

You Will Need:

  • Felt
    Green felt 30cm x 22cm (117?8in x 85?8in)
    Purple felt 30cm x 22cm (117?8in x 85?8in)
  • Sewing Thread
  • Flower sequins
  • Assorted bright ribbons
  • Silicone glue


1. To give you two rectangles 15cm x 22cm (6in x 85?8in), cut a felt rectangle in half across its length.

2. Choose a ribbon that co-ordinates with your felt and cut it so that it is approximately 30cm (117?8in) long.

3. Fold your felt rectangle in half Pin the sides together and hand-or machine-stitch the side seams.

4. Take your ribbon and sew one end to the top left of the bag, taking care to only sew through one layer of felt. Turn the bag over and sew the other end of the ribbon to the top left of that side.

5. Turn your bag the right way out and push out the bottom corners with a pencil. Use a dab of silicone glue to stick the flower sequins randomly across the front and the back of the bag.


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