Sewing Projects with Fat Quarters

Fat quarters – lovely little squares of fabric – are hard to resist. Loved by sewers and quilters alike, they are the perfect starting point for everything from quilts to bags and table runners.

You can make the most adorable projects using just one or two fat quarters and still have some left over for your next project. Try this totally cute peter pan collar baby bib which is made using two fat quarters and makes the perfect gift for a new baby.

Peter Pan Collar Baby Bib Fat quartersMaterials: 

1 FQ for bib

1 FQ for binding

11” x 9” scrap of batting /wadding 

  1. Cut (2) bib shapes, and an additional (1) from batting. Cut (2) collar A and (2) collar B pieces from the templates.
  2. Fold the binding FQ fabric in half and trim off the excess to make a square. Cut (3) 2” strips across the grain to make up bias binding. It’s necessary to use bias as it will be used around curved edges. Trim off the angled edges and sew the strips together to form one continuous piece.
  3. Press binding in half lengthwise, open up again and press raw edges to the centre pressed line. Set aside.
  4. Sandwich the two bib pieces together with the batting inside, pin in place and baste with a long stitch length to secure.
  5. Sew collar A and collar B pieces right-sides together and repeat this step for the other collar piece.
  6. Centre the collar pieces to the bib front and pin in place.
  7. Place binding around the edge of the bib and sew. Fold over the opposite side of the binding and hand sew with a whipstitch.
  8. Fold your remaining bias binding in half to find the centre. This will make the ties. Place at the front of the bib (where the collar meets) and pin in place.
  9. Sew the binding to the front of the bib, fold over the opposite side of the binding and hand sew with a whipstitch.
  10. Double fold the end of the binding ties to hide raw edges and sew.
  11. Machine sew the binding ties in half lengthwise, as close as possible to the edges of the fabric.


Fat quarter skirt projectFat quarters are great for making children’s clothing items like this really versatile twirly skirt with an elasticated waist, as well as accessories such as bags and carry rolls. Find more ideas and inspiration here.

You can now buy all fabrics on Stitch Craft Create as fat quarters (approximately 56cm x 50cm) as well as in fat quarter bundles. So you can make any of these projects with your favourite fabrics without having to worry about what to do with the leftovers!

What have you made with fat quarters of fabric? Leave a comment below or post a photo of your fat quarter projects on our Facebook page!

Happy sewing!



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