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Customizing furniture has never been so easy. And decorating your modern home in a vintage style is incredibly popular at the moment. With Kirstie Allsopp announcing a new vintage home style TV show and book for 2013, everyone will want to be a part of this popular trend.

You can create your own vintage chair for your living room or boudoir by having a search through flea markets,  shops, or even your granny’s attic to find an old chair. It doesn’t matter if the fabric is frayed or stained, or if the legs are scuffed and chipped, with some simple steps you can up-cycle the chair into a vintage masterpiece and turn your average home into a vintage home by using our sewing project ideas.

Have a go at re-upholstering an old chair with the help of Modest Maven on her vintage blog as she creatively transforms an old wingback chair in a few easy steps.

The old chair before being customized
The old chair before being customized









Top up-cycling tips from Modest Maven:

  •  Make sure none of the springs are broken in your chair before you buy.
  • Ideally find a chair with the foam intact and in good condition.
  • Get yourself a sturdy staple gun and lots of staples!
  • Number each piece of the chair as you remove it so that you will remember which order to put it back together.
  • Use your old chair pieces of material as a pattern for the new fabric.
  • Even if your foam is good, replace your batting, this won’t cost much and will give your foam a nicer finished look. It also adds a flattering loft to your chair.
  • Instead of using bias tape, make cording using the tutorial on Sew, Mama, Sew!
The fabulous re-upholstered vintage chair
The fabulous re-upholstered vintage chair will look perfect in your bedroom or bourdoir













We love the range of vintage-inspired fabrics that are available on Stitch Craft Create. I think that these three designs will make particularly fabulous vintage chairs:

Fabulous range of vintage-inspired fabrics
Fabulous range of vintage-inspired fabrics perfect for customizing your own chairs

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