Sewing Ideas for Children

sewing ideas for children Upcycle old jumpers to create cool arm warmers for kids.[/caption]

Sewing ideas for children can be everything from a beautiful Christening gown to the Halloween outfit they are going to wear whilst bobbing for apples. Sewing clothes for children, whether it’s your own brood or as gifts for other people, can be really rewarding.

Making your own children’s clothes and accessories means you put your own individual style on their wardrobe. You can also draw on aspects of their personalities and create gorgeous one-offs by using their favourite colours and print motifs.

If you are looking for easy sewing ideas for children, a great first project is a children’s apron. Martha Stewart features a fabulous Child’s Oilcloth Apron in her book, Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts . It is the perfect sewing idea for children because not only does it look good but it has a practical use too. There are some fabulous oilcloth fabrics available today such as the Anna Maria Horner range on RU Craft . They feature bright, modern designs that will really appeal to children and their parents.

Accessories are a great way to explore sewing ideas for children. Hats, gloves and bags can be made by adapting old clothes and embellished to appeal to children. In her book Get The Most from Your Clothes, Marion Elliot upcycles old clothes to create glittery arm-warmers from old jumpers or cardigans that are threadbare or sit unworn in the bottom of the cupboard.  She decorates them with with felt flowers and buttons and beads to create colourful, fun arm warmers for the coolest kids.

Another fantastic sewing idea for children is to make a dressing up outfit that they are certain to love. Pick a theme that they enjoy most whether it’s princesses or pirates, cowboys or wicked witches. Children’s dress-up outfits are so quick and easy to sew and so much better than off-the-peg dressing up clothes!

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