Sewing Ideas | Cute Fabric Cupcakes Sewing Project

These cute fabric cupcakes are great sewing ideas and make a fun hanging decoration for any room – you can hang them just about anywhere. Why not hang them from the back of your kitchen door to give you inspiration while you’re baking! by Debbie Pyne

Cute Fabric Cupcakes

You Will Need:



1. Using the templates cut out six cupcake cases from patterned fabric and six icing pieces from white felt. Stitch a button onto the right side of each piece of felt icing.

2. Using running stitch and pink sewing thread, hand stitch a felt icing piece onto each cupcake case, stitching along the bottom edge of the icing only and threading a seed bead onto the thread on every other stitch.

3. Place the cupcake cases together with right sides facing. To join the cupcakes into a string for hanging, place a length of silk ribbon at the middle of the bottom edge. Machine stitch together with a narrow seam allowance, from just beneath the icing piece around the sides and bottom edge, stopping when you meet the icing again at the other side. Turn right sides out.

4. Continue to hand stitch the icing together as in step 2, remembering to sew in a ribbon piece at the top for connecting to the next cupcake in the string, and stuffing with a little wadding before completely sewing up the icing.


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