Sew Christmas Pudding Earrings

Forget Christmas jumpers – Christmas earrings are where it’s at! These super cute Christmas pudding earrings are the perfect Christmas sewing project and will only take you around an hour to make once you’ve gathered all the materials.

Christmas pudding earrings


Step 1. Using the templates provided, cut out two dark brown leather circles, two white icing splodges and four metallic green leaves. With white thread, sew a small running stitch around the edge of one dark brown leather circle (A).

Step 2. Gently pull the thread tight on the circle, so that the leather pulls together. Then, while you still have a gap at the top, push small amounts of the stuffing in. Do this bit by bit, until you feel your pudding is plump enough, but not so plump that you can’t pull the thread tight in the next step (B).

Step 3. Now pull your thread tight to close the pudding then sew across the gathered area to secure it (C).

Step 4. Glue a white leather splodge shape over the top of the pudding then use small stitches to sew this in place (D).

Step 5. When you have finished stitching on the splodge, pull the needle out of the top middle part of the pud, glue on the two metallic green holly leaves then use tiny stitches to sew these in place (E).

Step 6. Once you have sewn on the leaves, add three red beads for berries between them (F).

Step 7. Grab an earring hook (wire), and stitch this onto the top of your Christmas pudding. Now you have one Christmas pudding earring you can wear it like a festive pirate. Or now you know how, start stitching the other one so you can wear a pair!

christmas puddign earrings

Christmas pudding earrings

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