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The third Scandi by Makower range has everyone at Stitch Craft Create wishing it were Christmas already! It is beautifully traditional and festive and we, like a lot of crafters, are going to start creating our Christmas gifts and decor with it straight away.

For many crafters July is the time to start thinking about Christmas. Crazy as it sounds to some, six months is what it takes to make those large-scale gifts to give out during the festive season, whether it’s a quilt, stockings, advent calendars or a quilted table runner, we need that time to make sure everything is done.

Makower Scandi Range Reindeer

The Scandinavian style is wonderfully rustic and decorative. It is a trend that is growing year on year and this year Makower have created another Scandi range that is our favourite to date. With intricate designs featuring reindeers, Nordic hearts, festive panels for advent calendars and bunting there is so much to create with this fabric.

This range includes three fantastic panel fabrics, the bunting flags, advent and mini stocking bunting, which each have templates printed directly onto the fabric meaning you can just cut and sew! We’ve had a go at the stockings in the office, and it really is easy — you just cut round the shape printed on the fabric, cut out some backing fabric, sew together and turn through, then add a ribbon loop as a hangar. This is such a great craft for those who want to create some festive projects in a quick and straight forward manner.


Scandi-3Scandinavian decor is about embracing simplicity, utility and beauty and these fabrics are so fitting to that style. The projects you can make will not only create stunning Scandi decor for Christmas but it can also be used for every day home decor. The fabric can initially look quite festive, however, when you look at the individual designs you can start to see that they can be used for the rest of the year, for example, the Scandi HeartsMini StarsHarlequinCheck and even the bunting flags! This sounds like most of the fabric range, and really it is, which just shows how diverse the range is. Whilst you could make a festive table runner, with a strategic fabric choice, you could make one for the whole year round as well.

Makower Quilt

There’s nothing quite as appealing as sumptuous red fabrics illustrated with traditional Nordic designs including trees, hearts, snowflakes and stags heads, which combined together create a truly stunning quilt. Whilst having that Scandinavian festive feel, it isn’t in your face Christmas so it can be used for the duration of the winter period and longer if you wanted. (I would!)

I can just picture an idyllic night spent by the fire in some sort of log cabin with a hot chocolate snuggled under this quilt with a good book, sounds wonderfully Nordic doesn’t it!

This Scandi quilt would make a perfect Christmas gift, or create it for yourself so you can snuggle down and craft other Christmas gifts under it, that sounds better, I love this quilt so don’t think I could give it away.

Scandi fat quarter bundle

We have 3 fat quarter bundles for you to choose from in this wonderful range; one in each colour way, Gold, Red & Silver. These will make fantastic gifts, they just look lovely packaged together and with 7 fat quarters in each bundle, you can create a wide range of projects. You can get some inspiration from 50 Fat Quarter Makes or have a look at some of the FREE sewing patterns we have available on our blog.

Its easy to see why we have a crush on this range, and we think you will too. It is the quintessential Scandinavian style and that gets top points in our book!

No matter what plans you have for this range, it will create a stylish touch to your home or home of the recipient. Send us some pictures of your WIP’s and finished projects on the comments below, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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