How to Make | Santa Cookie Lollies

Christmas is coming and Santa is on his way! Enchant everyone with these cute cookie lollies designed by Ruth Clemens aka The Pink Whisk. Or adapt the design to create your own seasonal characters like reindeer, robins and snowmen!

santa cookie lolliesYou Will Need:

  • White sugarpaste
  • Red and peach gel paste colours
  • White royal icing
  • Black icing pen
  • Circular cookie cutter 8cm (3?in) diameter
  • Disposable piping bag
  • Small open star piping nozzle
  • Small embossing rolling pin

Here’s how to make the santa cookie lollies…

1. Colour portions of white sugarpaste red and peach. Roll out the peach sugarpaste to 3mm (?in) thick and cut out six circles to cover the cookies, securing in place with a light brush of water.

2. Roll out red sugarpaste 3mm (?in) thick and cut out six circles; cut away the bottom two-thirds of each circle with the cutter to create hats. Secure the hats to the cookies. Use the wrong end of the piping nozzle to mark Santa’s smile.

3. Roll out white sugarpaste to 2mm (?in) thick, then go over it with a small embossing rolling pin to imprint a pattern. Cut out 10 circles, then use the cutter to cut away the top one-third from six of the circles to create the beard.

4. Dividing the remaining four circles into thirds, cut away the outside edge to create the moustache pieces. Secure the beard then the moustache onto Santa’s face.

5. Make six small peach sugarpaste ball noses and secure each in place. Using a piping bag fitted with the small open star piping nozzle, pipe a royal icing fur trim to the hat. Add Santa’s eyes with the black icing pen.

Santa Cookie Lollies has been excerpted from 101 Ways to Stitch Craft Create for all Occasions.

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